What it’s like Living in a Host Family

What’s it like to stay with a host family provided by EC Brighton? If you are staying in residence or yet to become a student, you may be curious about what it’s like to live with another family. We’ve collected some feedback from students, to give you a sense of what it’s like.


Many students choose host families because they want to improve their English speaking. This is makes a lot of sense. Being in a host family means plenty of social situations with English speaking people, such as dinner or breakfast times. Since the main point of studying English is to improve your English, staying in a host family is a good idea. The more time you spend surrounded by English speaking people the more you’ll develop. When talking to your host family you’ll also discover the cultural differences between England and your home country.


In the beginning, a few things may be very unusual for you but after a while you’ll settle down. Other benefits would include insider knowledge about Brighton. Sometimes the most meaningful experiences come from word of mouth recommendations, not what you can find in a brochure. Below are some experiences from our students of living in a host family. What they find most rewarding. May it be useful to you in your decision over where to stay while studying English. Remember to be clear on your intentions for studying and make a decision that best supports this.


When talking to students I found these aspects as the most important


  • Practicing English
  • Experiencing the English culture
  • Getting an extra family
  • Getting dinner or lunch served


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You can use these reports to make your own decision about where you stay while studying English. There is mainly two options so don’t read into too much. Read more about the Brighton School of English