Trip to the British Airways i360 Today with EC Brighton Family

Our students Studying English in Brighton at EC were in for a special treat today when they went on a trip to the British Airways i360. The i360 is a huge grey pole that sticks up on the seafront of Brighton, between Brighton and hove. A glass, doughnut-shaped platform takes you 450ft up to the top of the grey pole and back down. This was conceived and designed by the London Eye creators, lead by architect Marks Barfield. From the top of this pole, one look out across all of Brighton, the surrounding areas and the ocean.


visit-to-the-british-14104850 EC Brighton


The glass, doughnut shaped platform has no windows so you can’t jump out. It is 10 times larger than the London Eye capsule so you’ll probably share with 10 times as many people. Up to 175 on any one trip. There is a bar in the glass doughnut shaped platform in case you get thirsty, or strongly feel the need to inebriate yourself as you soak in the view of concrete. You can download an app to help you with this experience and it is available to use in several languages. This has pre-flight information that you can easily get online. Information includes relevant facts about how this grey pole and glass doughnut was built. As well as a virtual viewing of the platform. There is also a childrens section including fun and accessible learning material about the i360.


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