More Fantastic Trips from EC Brighton with UK Study Tours

EC host many trips across the UK and this weekend we have lots. Exploring different parts of the UK is essential for any student studying English here. The U.K is diverse and full of rich history and a mixture of people, especially considering how relatively small this island is. This makes it easy to see very different and exciting places without crossing the ocean.

Oxford Windsor Eton EC Brighton
Oxford Windsor Eton

A trip to Oxford, Windsor & Eton £39Saturday 13th October. As well as Cambridge and Greenwich £45, Stonehenge and Bath £49. Sunday 14th October trips to Stonehenge and Bath £55 Leeds Castle and Canterbury £50. These are some of the favourite tourist destinations in the UK and are very beautiful and interesting places to see. Especially with your student friends from EC. Come on down to reception and book a trip with UK study tours through EC Brighton. There is so much to see in the U.K, many different places and people to experience. Brighton is lovely, but while your studying at EC Brighton, you can make the most of your time in the U.K and experience what this island has to offer.


You can come to reception to book a tour, remember to get in early to avoid disappointment. One day another trip to Cambridge, as well as Oxford Windsor and Eton. We also have a trip to the Isle of Wight just across the sea one day, as well as Portsmouth which is up the coast from Brighton one day. There are many trips of different lengths and prices to suit all schedules. You can find out more from our friendly staff at reception, or head on over to UK Study Tours office just around the corner from our school. Do take time to go on one of these fantastic trips to the favourite sites around the UK.

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