Takafumi Yamashita from Japan – What do you like about EC Brighton?

The EC Brighton students are the most important part of our school. It is our pleasure to see they have not just an exceedingly satisfactory Englilsh learning experience, but a fantastic time exploring the U.K. We listen carefully to the thoughts and feedback our students share with us. Allowing us to respond quickly and grow according to students needs, whether that be related to being in the U.K, learning English or just making the right progress through life. We support students with any challenges they may face that come with learning another language, including finding the right accomodation, getting to know new people, finding a way around the city and having a great time. We’re always asking our students; what do you like about EC Brighton?



Takafumi Yamashita from Japan is already the second time that joins EC Brighton. Takafumi chose one of our homestay Brighton families and this is what she wanted to share with us:

I love EC and Brighton and this is why I have come back.

Teachers are very kind and in such a short time I made lots of friend. EC staff is very kind and nice, especially Jacques!

Thank you



We have adult learners and young adult learners come to EC Brighton to enjoy English learning and the city. Our mission is to make the school as welcoming and comfortable for students as can be. Our staff provide many activities that happen inside and outside of school, so that students can get to know each other, the area and interact with locals. There are many nice residencies available including homestays and dedicated student residencies, so no matter what accomodation you’re after you can find the right thing for you. It’s as Takafumi describes “teachers are very kind and in such a short time i made lots of friends.”

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