Aysesul from Turkey – What do you like about EC Brighton?

At EC Brighton our students are very special to us. We want their stay to be just as special, including their learning experience and time spent in the U.K in general. To make it so, EC is always listening to students suggestions about what is going right and what can improve. That way we can act quickly and effectively to see that students get the most out of their time spent learning English and enjoying the rest of their time in the country. It’s only natural that learning English in another country will involve challenges, perhaps with accomodation, making friends or adjusting to a new environment, but EC staff are always on hand to help students overcome challenges and make progress. We’re always asking our students; what do you like about EC Brighton?




Aysesul Oz (Turkey) I found EC Brighton on the internet and I really liked it, the city is not to big and not to small but very beautiful. Pub nights were my favourite and I liked all my teachers so much, they are very good at English and very good at teaching. I also really liked my host family they were so kind and helpful to me.I would recommend EC to anyone.


People from all over the world with different backgrounds, come to EC Brighton to study in English. They come for the learning and stay for the warm and welcoming environment, that has so much to offer. Besides classes there are so many staff led activities where you can have fun and improve your English, taking your English learning out of the classroom and into the real world. EC Brighton has access to many wonderful homestay hosts across the area and cosy residencies to share with other students, depending on your preference.


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