Shintaro from Japan – What do you like about EC Brighton?

The staff at EC Brighton will do anything to make sure students are having just a dandy all round jolly time. This includes adding lots of unessential quirks that are momentarily fun and provide an opportunity to practice that all important English language. In order to make the learning experience just so darn tooting fantastic, we are continuously collecting feedback from students and using this to everyone’s advantage. If a student ever has the slightest tickle of troubles about their time at EC, we are on hand to find a simple and satisfactory solution. This could include any area of their learning experience, including finding the right accommodation, making new relationships with locals, students or teachers etc. This level of care and attention to detail is what makes the EC Brighton learning experience, so infallible. We help students find the right level of studying for them, the teachers they most click with and more stuff that makes it all good. That’s why we always ask our students; what do you like about EC Brighton?


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Shintaro kauachi        Japan

I had a great experience here at EC Brighton. when I came here I was not confident at all, but  quickly changed that thanks to my amazing teachers , the kind staff and many friends. I would recommend anyone to come to EC school , thanks for everything.


Whether you are from one part of the world or another, or another world entirely, this school is right for you and we can make it the best thing you’ve ever done, that’s a stone cold promise. We are so positive and welcoming here that it is impossible not to find yourself enjoying pretty much everything from booking your classes, to graduating and taking that trip home again. With so many activities lead by both EC and organisations we partner with, it’s easy to get to know people, get to know the city, relax and enjoy your time here. There is a wide variety of accommodation available, including home stays and residencies, so you can make yourself comfortable and live well while studying.


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