Royal Pavillion Ice Rink, Most Beautiful in the South East

If you’ve been in Brighton or even heard of Brighton for more than 15 seconds or so, you will certainly have heard of the Royal Pavillion. You may not have known that every winter, they play host to a fantastic ice skating rink. This is really fun for all ages and groups. This isn’t just a Christmas event either, the rink stays open until the 15th of January. Meaning if you missed it before Christmas, there is still plenty of time to have a go.

There is a warm rink-side cafe, bar kitchen area with lots of delicious treats, lunches, drinks and dinners available. The bar selection includes lots of children friendly treats too and the whole experience is great for families. Mulled wine is served for the adults and hot chocolates with marshmallows for those who need warming up after their skate. If you are worried about your skating ability, get online to the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink website and watch their ‘how to skate’ video. Remember, there is a handrail available all the way around so you can remain stable the whole time. For very little children there is a smaller separate rink, with stabilizer penguins that can be held onto and skated around with for stability.


Royal Pavilion Ice Rink EC Brighton
Royal Pavilion Ice Rink


In terms of atmosphere this ice rink is absolutely fantastic and not surprisingly adorned with compliments such as best ice rink in the South East. It was featured in 2017’s ITV ‘Dancing on Ice’ TV show. The lights and the backdrop of the old palace is makes for a fantastic setting that shouldn’t be missed. Especially since it’s right on your doorstep if you’re studying at EC Brighton. You’ve got until the 14th of January to experience this little winter treat and it is totally worth it.


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