Pub Nights with EC Brighton Students

The pub is a significant part of British culture and has a long history in this country. As far back as the 5th century, pubs have been a place for people to gather and for travelers to rest up on their merry way. Even though independent pubs are on the decline in England and all over the world, they remain a focal point for many communities. Particularly in smaller and quieter places in this country, the pub is a family friendly space to celebrate occasions or be out of the house and socialise. This is of course true in many places all across the world. But English people in particular have a strong appreciation for pubs, as well as the beverages that are sold inside of course!


Students Pub night EC Brighton


Since the pub is an important part of British culture, we make it a regular activity. EC Brighton invites students to gather at the pub, to interact with other students and locals. Just over the road from EC Brighton is a popular pub known as the ‘King and Queen’. This is one of Brighton’s favourite pubs and is frequented by many people all through the week. Whether they be tourists or locals, the King and Queen is a large space that welcomes all. This establishment has been in operation since 1779 under different names and managements. Long ago it was a farm house and has since faced many renovations. We also make the most of the karaoke night that takes place at the King and Queen. Since it’s a great opportunity to practice that all important English. Our students have a great time joining in on our pub nights, as it gives them a chance to experience the local British culture. The pub is a great place to socialise, interact and wind down after a hard day of studying.


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