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What do students like about studying in Brighton?

  – Plenty of activities in Brighton – The teachers are very cool and young – The school is located just by the seafront – You meet people from a lot of different countries – A friendly atmosphere in the school – Host families makes you familiar with the English culture – Lot’s of vegetarian … Read more

English schools in Brighton

English Schools in Brighton gives you memories for life

We have a lot of happy students at our School and our goal is always to make the students as pleased as possible. Therefor we offer a lot of activities involving both students and staff, these are amazing opportunities to make friends outside of your class and/or residence. Imagine coming home after a few weeks … Read more

Photo Competition

 We are so lucky to have such talented students! Here are just a few pictures that where competing in the Photo Competition a few weeks ago. We’ll try to have more competitions through out the year since it was very appreciated by the students. Enjoy!   ++ Are you interested in studying at one of the … Read more

Pancake day

The 28th of February it’s time for Pancake Day. This tradition is created to use up the last ingredients, like eggs, milk and butter before the fasting period starts before Easter. Nowadays people eat pancakes without having a religious reason and there are lots of restaurants in Brighton who serve pancakes this Tuesday. Here are a list of … Read more

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Learn useful phrases at language schools in Brighton

English people seems to have a lot of phrases and expressions that are really weird for us non-English. Being able to use English expressions correctly often makes you sound more English so today I’ve listed a few expressions that I first thought where really weird but now found quite useful. Cheers! or Cheers mate – Cheers … Read more

4 reasons to love Brighton

While studying at EC Brighton language school you have a lot of spare time to explore Brighton. There are thousands of reasons to love Brighton and here are just a few:  The beautiful seafront. Take a walk along the sea and enjoy life, the beach is almost 10 km long and you can find lots of … Read more

Swedish traditions are weird

  Since I’m Swedish I thought it would be fun to share some Swedish facts and traditions with you. Going to the EC Brighton Language School doesn’t only mean that you’ll learn a lot about the English culture, you’ll meet people from the whole world and you’ll hear things about different countries that you’ve never heard … Read more

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What it’s like living in a host family?

As many others of you students I am staying with an UK host family. Those of you who are staying in a residence may be a bit curious about what it’s like to live with another family so I thought I could share some of the students experiences. Most of the students I have been talking to … Read more