New Year Language Learning Goals

Language learning goals for the New Year

  New Year is a time for fresh starts and we definitely need one of those after 2020! A great place to begin is by setting your intentions for the upcoming months. What do you hope to achieve in your life and in your language learning? Why set goals for language learning? Learning a new languag … Read more

Watching English Christmas films

Best Christmas films to watch over the holidays

    Everyone knows that watching films is a great way to improve your English language learning. You get to hear new words in context and listen to native speaker’s pronunciation. Plus, it’s fun! We asked our staff here at EC Brighton School of English to recommend us some of their favouri … Read more

A windy day on Brighton beach

5 English Weather Idioms

  If you have ever met an English person, you might have noticed that we like to talk about the weather A LOT. This might have something to do with the fact that we experience several seasons in one day! Consequently, there are a lot of idiomatic expressions connected to the weather. Here are a … Read more

Good luck with the exam

Good luck to our FCE and CAE students!

  Every year at EC Brighton we run intensive Cambridge courses for students who wish to complete their FCE or CAE exams. Cambridge certificates are a great way to show employers your level of English, so many student opt to take this qualification. What are Cambridge Exams? The exam itself has … Read more

Struggling with your English pronunciation

Tips to improve your English pronunciation

Pronunciation is a part of language learning which is sometimes forgotten, but it’s a very important thing to practice. You might have perfect grammar and know loads of vocabulary, but if nobody can understand you, then it will still be hard to communicate. If you are lucky enough to study at an Eng … Read more

Delicious takeaways in Brighton

Best Brighton takeaways to order during lockdown

Many students who learn English in The United Kingdom often ask about English food. What is it? What do English people actually eat? The truth is we eat everything! Here you can find cuisine from all over the world. Brighton especially is a city for foodies as it has loads of awesome local restauran … Read more

Barbara dos Santos – What do you like about EC Brighton?

There are countless reasons to enjoy studying at EC Brighton. The location alone is enough to make for a fantastic experience learning English. Afterall, a very important part of the learning experience is where you are and how often you can practice with native English speakers. No matter where you … Read more