Abdulelah from Saudi Arabia: “learn English in the UK”

Our students mean a lot to us at EC Brighton. That’s why we do our upmost to provide them with a great learning experience. In order to give students the experience they want from learning English, we maintain constant communication. This enables us to support them through all the challenges f … Read more

Couple Find Love at EC Brighton!

At EC Brighton we work hard to see that students have the best experience possible. Coming to an English school in Brighton like EC is a chance to meet people from all across the world that you would never normally get a chance to meet. As you can imagine, this makes EC a special place where many sp … Read more

Paula from Spain – What do you like about EC Brighton

EC Brighton is dedicated to taking best care of our students. So we are always pushing for the best experience we can provide to people who learn with us. Our team are always communicating with students to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t, so we can optimize our service for them. We … Read more

Brighton App Starter Pack for EC Brighton Students

  There are a lot of language schools in Brighton and at EC we are always trying our best to make your experience as good as possible, therefor, I figured I can give you a few tips of apps you should download as soon as you get to Brighton. Hopefully, these will help you during your stay. B&H Fi … Read more

Serena from Italy – What do you like about EC Brighton?

At EC Brighton we provide everything we can for our students. Our efforts go in so that students can have the best experience possible, when learning English with us. In order to do so we regularly check in with our students to see what does and doesn’t work for them. Over time we can shape wh … Read more

What do you know about the Royal Pavilion?

  Brighton Pavilion is a former royal residence – it was the summer residence of The Prince of Wales, who later became King George IV. Imagine living in a house like that. Bit creepy right. It is located in the city centre of Brighton and only a stone’s trow away from EC Brighton! This me … Read more

EC Brighton October Activities Calendar

Activities and Free Language Workshop Calendar There are lots of things to look forward to in October, including educational and recreational activities. With lots of international trips happening there are options to take a well deserved break with your friends. This month includes trips and tours … Read more

Amina from Libya – What do you like about EC Brighton?

At EC Brighton, we love our students. Our staff work hard to see that they have the most rewarding experience possible. We are always communicating with our students, seeing that their needs are met and that they can get the best EC has to offer them. Not only to support them with any difficulties t … Read more