EC Brighton Celebrates Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! We at EC Brighton are celebrating with a selection of delicious and traditional Chinese snacks available. It’s a real treat to have so many different nationalities come and study with us every week. So we show that appreciation by making the most of traditions from acro … Read more

Harry Potter Studio Tour with EC Brighton

This week EC Brighton students will have the opportunity to take a tour around the Harry Potter Studios. Harry Potter is a beloved franchise worldwide and was authored by the English J.K. Rowling. The tours will last up to 3 hours and they take around 6,000 visitors every day. People flock from all … Read more

Laura Fachini – What do you like about EC Brighton?

EC Brighton is a special place to learn English. Not just because of the location but because of all the magic things that happen at our school. Of course at EC you’ll find fantastic English lessons for all levels. But there is so much more to find that what happens in the classroom. Supportin … Read more

Students Pub night EC Brighton

Pub Nights with EC Brighton Students

The pub is a significant part of British culture and has a long history in this country. As far back as the 5th century, pubs have been a place for people to gather and for travelers to rest up on their merry way. Even though independent pubs are on the decline in England and all over the world, the … Read more

Sara Balbi – What do you like about EC Brighton?

This school that we call EC Brighton might just be the ultimate English learning experience of all time. This is no understatement and it’s certainly no accident! It’s the result of hard work, innovation and the enthusiasm of the whole EC Family. At EC Brighton, we have a fantastic team … Read more