Virtual Reality Experience with EC Brighton

VR is here and growing in popularity. ‘Virtual Reality’ was fantasised about in 80’s movies and pop culture. But now we use it not just as a tool but as a form of entertainment. It’s the use of visuals and audio to create a simulated environment. The idea is to put the user i … Read more

Staying Fit and Healthy while Studying at EC Brighton

Physical activity is a really significant part of being healthy. Being healthy is essential to learning well and making progress with your English language skills. Sports are commonplace all over the world, whether they be team or individual ones. Many people engage in sports for health, fun and eng … Read more

Brighton Half Marathon

The Brighton Half Marathon is taking place on Sunday the 23rd of February. You’ll find that some roads are closed and there will be many people out sheering and supporting the runners. It’s a lovely event where a lot of money is raised for good causes. This year is the 30th iteration of … Read more

Stone Henge

Trip to Stonehenge with EC Brighton Students

Stonehenge is amazing and a great experience for those visiting the south of England. Our students are invited to take a trip to see this incredible megalithic structure this week, courtesy of UK Discovery Tours.. The tour to the Stonehenge sight includes a visit to Bath and Salisbury Cathedral, mak … Read more

Seagull Attack EC Brighton

Seagull Nesting Season

Seagulls are a very common seabird along the coasts of England. Although there are a varieity of species, they all share the common name ‘gull’. If you’ve been studying at EC Brighton then you’ve certainly come across these feathered fellows. You will have come across the com … Read more