EC Bristol! Learning English in the best ever location.

Good afternoon! ‘Tis me again, writing another blog which I hope will encourage you that little bit more to come and see us one day… As it is Tuesday today, the new students have arrived, unpacked and finished their intros. Most have already finished lessons for the day and so are enjoying the glorious weather outside. However, as I’ve mentioned before, more and more students are opting for an intensive course, or upgrading to one instead. It’s great because it demonstrates how dedicated our students are in doing their very best so that they achieve the greatest results possible. The International Food Night is not far away, it’s tomorrow night in fact! We are going to the EC Residence at Phoenix Court and chillaxing in the BIG common room which has some amazing sofas and decorations! Then we set all the tables up and wait for students to arrive with their home cooked meals from their home countries! 🙂 We can’t wait… I don’t think I’ll have any breakfast or lunch just to make sure that I can try all the different foods of different cultures – they’re going to be delicious!! It will definitely be an improvement on the usual baked beans on toast that’s for sure 😉 All going well and if noone brings any big bowls of burnt food, it will be amazing! I’m really looking forward to it! I had better leave it at that, I need to sort some things out here in preparation for our activities this week. Speak soon, hopefully with plenty of photos! Fay xo

A busy week at EC Language School in Bristol

Good morning Guys and Gals! How are we all? It’s Thursday here in England so soon enough it will be the weekend! We have had a very busy few days and so I didn’t want to write without some cracking photos! This week we have welcomed Julia to our teaching team – we hope she enjoys every second of this summer as much as we are! So we said a warm hello to Julia, but a tearful goodbye to Anne-Louise who works with Ana and myself at reception on accommodation.. She has left us!! But have no fear, I’m only kidding a little bit, Anne-Louise will be back in six weeks! So it’s not really a goodbye, just a ‘see you soon!’ phew! I nearly had you there didn’t I! This Tuesday we had the amazing EC Boat Party!! It was so much fun and everyone had an amazing time. There were 100 of us on the boat, so it was very full indeed! Take a look at some of the photos I’ve uploaded, courtesy of Ana Esteban with her amazing skills of photography. She has really captured the night with her shots – Ana is very talented as I’m sure you will agree once you’ve seen the photos 🙂 There are many more photos left, so maybe I will upload them too if I have time. As I said before it’s Thursday today, which, if you really know your stuff, you would be able to tell me that it was Wednesday yesterday. Top marks if you rolled your eyes at my sarcasm just now.. Well, as you are obviously an avid reader of these blogs, you will also know that Wednesday is our super special, magical, amazing doughnut day! Hurrah! But alas, yesterday this tradition did not come up … Read more

A big hello from EC Bristol AKA The Best Language School in the World!

Good morningggg! Yet another stunning morning here in Bristol! What can I say; our fabulous students must bring the sunshine with them. We have such a variation of cultures here these days! Belgian, Spanish, French, Brazilian, Saudi Arabian, German, Polish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Gabonese and even Swiss!! All the new students don’t feel new anymore as they’ve settled in so quickly, it’s quite amazing. The students all go out together, eat together, study together, explore Bristol together – it’s so uplifting to see. As Wednesday is upon us this calls for the fantastic Mid-week Party woohoo! There’s an incredible Doughnut man up the road from us who only appears once a week for a few hours, so you have to be quick to meet this mystic man and buy his goods. So anyway, I digress with hungry enthusiasm… Ingmar discovered this magical doughnut man on his way to work one day so now it has become a tradition at EC Bristol English school to buy a selection of his amaaazing doughnuts for all of us and scoff them on the sly! Yum yum yum in my tum! Maybe, if you come in and say hello I will take you to him and you can have one of his doughnuts with us with a chat, a tea and a tour of the school with some of the best company money can buy – the EC Bristol gang! I’m off now to help Anne-Louise and Ana with accommodation matters and to nibble on my doughnut…. Speak soon!! Fay xo

Looking to learn English in the UK? Perhaps Bristol? Then visit EC Bristol!!

Some people get the Monday morning blues.. but not us here at EC Bristol English school – we love Mondays!! We just welcomed a cheery 30 new students to our EC School of fun and they all seem so happy to be here! I can’t wait to meet them all later on this afternoon at the welcome activity over some food and a drink. As far as I heard the London trip was great! Our EC students really enjoyed meeting students from our other UK schools and having a look around London with them. Fingers crossed there are some photos from the day that I can post online soon. I’ll have to ask around… Also, we welcomed a cool three new teachers this week – yey!! So a big EC shout out to Polly, Tarnie and Stephen! 🙂 This means that those students wishing to extend their course, switch to Intensive from General, or requesting one to ones have an even bigger choice of teachers to pick from. The diversity of the school is growing everyday and it’s nice that as the number of students grow, so does our team. What I really notice is when I pop out to get some lunch, I keep bumping into students! I can’t walk more than a few metres without someone waving or calling hello. What a lovely working atmosphere for me and what a great studying environment for the students. I bet there aren’t many people you know of who get on so well with their teachers or people from school that they chat with them outside of school? Well it’s definately the opposite here – everyone gets on with everyone and learns English as a team. Three cheers to that! I’d better start getting ready to treat the new students to … Read more

I think I owe you some photos…

Hello all! I haven’t put any photos up recently so here are a whole bunch for you to have a look at. A big thank you to one of our students for giving me some of her photos from last night to add to the crop. There are some from around the school, others from around Bristol and plenty from last night!! We had a really good evening at the Hole in the Wall, we will definately go there again! As you can see there are pictures of lots of Bristolians dressed up in funny costumes.. After a long debate of confusion we asked someone and they told us that there is a GIANT treasure hunt around Bristol and one big company has been split into teams. They all have different dress up themes and scored points if they were told how great they looked.. So here we are meeting and greeting and trying on their costumes! There was a ‘Where’s Wally?’ team, a Pirate team, a Lego team and many more.. Maybe EC will go out and dress up one night – I’m inspired to do something similar one night for the students here. What do you think? It’s the end of the week now in Bristol and we’ve had a fantastic week. New students, new teachers, new friends! And, obviously, lots of fun! Do you want to learn English in Bristol? Then EC Bristol is the place for you!! There have been so many people walking in just from hearing about us and asking if they can study here! Their faces are such a picture when they see how amazing it is in here – very impressive! A big well done to all the team this week – it’s been a busy one! We’re really eager to welcome … Read more


The London trip is crazy! So many people want to go 🙂 We are so pleased that it has been so popular, I’m the day will be just as good too. It will be so much fun! There are students visiting from Kazakhstan at the moment which is nice to see! They are being taken on individual activities everyday before their classes to make the most of their time in Bristol before they visit Brighton and spend some time studying there. My friend Barbara has done a great job showing them around and making sure they have a brilliant time. We even provided them with very cheap Sim cards and topups for their phones to save them money on calling home and texting or calling eachother.. they even get some free! Needless to say, they were very chuffed!! A few students have come up to me today to ask if they can extend their course which, ofcourse, we told them would be no problem. I’m really glad that they will be staying longer as we’re always sad to see them leave. Even the team here make friends with EC students.. Like I told you, one big family 🙂 Cheesy? Not atall!! Anyway, I’d better go home. I have to get ready to take the students out for the pub night tonight that we do every Thursday! We will be meeting at 8pm at a lovely pub called the Hole in the Wall. Very historic and traditional, with a fire and candles. Very English! But hopefully no fire will be lit today… it’s warm enough!! I’ll take some photos and put them up in the blog tomorrow. Maybe you will come along and say hi? See you there.. Fay xo

A beautiful morning at the EC Language School in Bristol

Morning morning morning! Wow, what a lovely day it seems to be already! The sun has his hat on, students are studying be for class (!!) and everyone generally seems to be on a good vibe which is what you need for a good start to the day. I’m promoting the Tour of London today as it’s the deadline for grabbing tickets. The tour is this weekend and it should be great! We’ve had a lot of interest from all of our students so fingers crossed that they will all decide to come along! We have so many new students  at EC Bristol English School, a comfortable number where everyone is making new friends to keep in touch with when they leave. Some have even made plans to travel together and visit eachother’s countries! Dan says hello and mentions his excitement about the new teachers that have started and those who are still due to start. This week we welcomed Sarah and Meg who seem to have completely settled into their new roles already. We have about 10 teachers now and we’ll have around 13 by next week. This allows classes to run smoothly as the students don’t have to compete for the teacher’s help and answers to their questions. The teachers can utilise their time efficiently, because they have an equal ratio of lesson time to the amount of students. No wonder the English in the school is so amazing!! It’s great when I have to pop upstairs because I see all the classrooms buzzing with life and enjoyment while the students are learning. All of us can remember going to school and having a lesson we found boring or wishing we could skip, but not here! The students are eager to learn and hate the idea of not … Read more