EC Bristol! Learning English in the best ever location.

Good afternoon!

‘Tis me again, writing another blog which I hope will encourage you that little bit more to come and see us one day…
As it is Tuesday today, the new students have arrived, unpacked and finished their intros. Most have already finished lessons for the day and so are enjoying the glorious weather outside. However, as I’ve mentioned before, more and more students are opting for an intensive course, or upgrading to one instead. It’s great because it demonstrates how dedicated our students are in doing their very best so that they achieve the greatest results possible.

The International Food Night is not far away, it’s tomorrow night in fact! We are going to the EC Residence at Phoenix Court and chillaxing in the BIG common room which has some amazing sofas and decorations! Then we set all the tables up and wait for students to arrive with their home cooked meals from their home countries! 🙂 We can’t wait… I don’t think I’ll have any breakfast or lunch just to make sure that I can try all the different foods of different cultures – they’re going to be delicious!! It will definitely be an improvement on the usual baked beans on toast that’s for sure 😉

All going well and if noone brings any big bowls of burnt food, it will be amazing! I’m really looking forward to it!

I had better leave it at that, I need to sort some things out here in preparation for our activities this week.

Speak soon, hopefully with plenty of photos!

Fay xo