Hellooo! How are you since we last spoke? Good I hope. Ahh yess, the wonder of that gem someone called a Bank Holiday. We Brits love them, as do many other countries. It’s our time to relax, let our hair down (I hate that term…) and enjoy the extra time off from work. What’s more & … Read more

Half way through the week celebrations!!

It’s nearly midday here which would mark the ever-celebrated Middle Of The Week!! Yesss!! The sun is out (probably not for long…), the birds are singing and the students are studying. What a wonderful day! We cleared out the middle office yesterday, ready to welcome back Anne-Louise from … Read more

M-m-m-morning!! Or maybe good afternoon?

IT’S BEEN RAINING!! 🙁 This is not good.. What sort of welcome is this to the new students?! “Welcome to England! You know you boarded the right plane because it was sunny when you got on and raining when you got off!” What a hoot! Ho hum, I suppose this is the reason English people … Read more

Fabulous Friday at EC Bristol?! I think so!

Thaaat’s right! Fabulous Friday is upon us and we are all looking forward to the weekend! Not long to go now… But personally, (and worryingly..!) I may actually be looking forward to Monday more! Yes, you did read that correctly, I am looking forward to the dreaded M-O-N-D-A-YYY I l … Read more

A terrific Tuesday at EC Bristol

Hello everyone!! How’s it going? Just a quick one to touch base with you and get you up to date with what’s new here… Well, first off it’s doughnut day tomorrow, so, obviously I just ordered some online so that they’re ready and waiting for us in the morning! Woohoo!! T … Read more