A terrific Tuesday at EC Bristol

Hello everyone!! How’s it going?
Just a quick one to touch base with you and get you up to date with what’s new here…
Well, first off it’s doughnut day tomorrow, so, obviously I just ordered some online so that they’re ready and waiting for us in the morning! Woohoo!!
Tomorrow it’s mid-week! It goes so fast it’s crazy.. This week was one of the last big intakes we’ll get as.. dare I say it…. the Summer is not far from ending, nooo!!!
We might be choosing a new venue to take our students to for the welcome meal to mix things up as things get quieter. We usually go to The Big Chill bar, but maybe we’ll look for somewhere new with a change of scenery and food. Not that the student’s would know any different – they’re always new!
DVD night tomorrow too – we’re still deciding what to watch!! We’ve made a big long list of English films to buy and show so we’d better pick one soon..!
This weekend there was the football tournament in Reading.. Sadly we were a little late arriving but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits; we played our very best and I’m sure it showed!
NEWS JUST IN: The London riots coming to Bristol?! As if! I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos in the newspapers or online of the very dramatic and frankly silly riots in London and people are trying to claim it has spread to Bristol. We have had phone calls from friends and our own families worried about us, but not to worry, it has all simply been blown out of proportion. A lot.
Bristol had a few kids running around and nicking a new pairs of trainers from a sports shop, so have no fear!!!
London, however, is a more serious matter. There is speculation and confusion about why certain people are taking part in the riots, but most seem to be just jumping on the bandwagon, looking for an excuse to abuse police, burn buildings and loot. What do you think? It’s a pretty controversial subject and what I’ve said is pretty opinionated to what I think.. so let me know what YOU think? I’d love to know, so drop me a line. The best reply gets a free doughnut on me when they come and say hello at EC Bristol 😉

Anyway, must dash… I have some things to finish off before I go home.
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Fay xo