Thursday is nearly over at EC Bristol.. and hopefully so are the riots in London!

Yes yes yes, the riots are calming down now a little.. hopefully it will all be over soon!

Everyone I have spoken to about the riots think that the whole thing is insane and tars all young people as being mindless, aggressive thugs, especially English youths.

What a shame.. All the hard work people put in to making a better name for younger people wasted on a handful who think that rioting is the best way to solve a problem – when most of them don’t even know why there are riots in the first place! Dreadful…

Well, a slightly downtrodden blog to start with – sorry about that. On the upside, it has drawn communties together to clean up the mess left behind! Check this out!

It’s the pub night tonight which is being held at The White Harte on Park Row right in the heart of Bristol. It’s a great little pub with lots of warmth and an inviting atmosphere… not to mention the pints are £1 some nights! 😉
So the students have all gone home early to get ready. However, those who have stuck around have gone to watch our DVD upstairs in our mini cinema! Today we’re showing ‘Four Weddings & A Funeral’ – a classic British comedy with plenty of stereotypical English slapstick humour and romantic scenes to make the ladies swoon. Even though there were no car crashes or explotions – the boys really liked it! It must have appealed to their secret romantic side.. 😀

Unfortunately it’s raining today (Boo!) so I’d better run home before it gets heavy again and I get soaked. ‘Dripping wet’ is not a good look and will not be making it into the Autumn / Winter 2011 fashion books anytime soon I’m sure…

Have a lovely afternoon/morning/day/evening/lunch/breakfast/dinner/tea/night/sleep, and speak soon!!
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Fay xoxo