How are you since we last spoke? Good I hope.

Ahh yess, the wonder of that gem someone called a Bank Holiday. We Brits love them, as do many other countries. It’s our time to relax, let our hair down (I hate that term…) and enjoy the extra time off from work. What’s more – we get paid for it! What a gift from above.

Bank Holidays are the stuff of dreams – and we just had one! Yes yes, yesterday we were all off frolicking in the sunshine, playing with kites on the Downs, having driving lessons, munching on a fry up, catching up with loved ones… Okay, so I basically just described how I spent MY weekend – how did you spend yours?! I don’t know, I’m not psychic  – you must drop me a line and tell me!!

Were you learning to swim with dolphins? Did you meet up with Big Foot and have a catch up over a tea and some cake? Did you go camping on the moon? OR did you just stay in bed all weekend and collect some of those all-important Zzzzs…?

Whatever it was I want to know because I am nosy.. Or, if you had a pants weekend because you were poorly or you live in the back end of beyond… send me your funniest stories of what you would have liked to have done. I want you to me laugh so loud that I fall off my chair. People at EC will think I’ve gone mad.. but nevertheless, do it!

Anyway… I’m going to crack on with saying a big HELLO AND WELCOME to the lovely new members of the EC Bristol Crew.

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Fay xo