Now THAT was a busy day!

Blimey oh Riley’s trousers this was a crazy couple of days!! The internet here has been up and down more than a yo yo the past few days… That is, for the staff not the teachers! Which has rendered me unable to blog for a day or so – so I do apologise. The internet is back now and b … Read more


Ingmar. Has. Gone. He has left us to fend for ourselves for 2 weeks!! He’s gone to Spain with his wife and his lovely little girl! We will miss them popping in 🙂 Hopefully he won’t be interrupted too much on the holiday… he’s always on the phone or skype or something else to … Read more

End of the day…

*big yawn* It’s been a VERY busy day here at EC Bristol today, very busy indeed! Lots and lots of students asking questions about Bristol – where to go, things to do, sights to see.. Some students went on the Bridge walk that happens every other week, other students stayed behind and wat … Read more


I like that word. It cheers me up when describing something that should make me a bit sad. Drizzle is a good word to use when describing that funny rain that’s really light and floaty. It’s not heavy enough for you to get an umbrella or use a hood on your coat, you can’t escape it! You g … Read more

Thursday joy

Joy, excitement, happiness, delight, bliss.. whatever you want to call it, it is becoming infectious around EC because it is the end of the penultimate day before the weekend. Yeeaahhhh! And, what a lovely day it has been too 🙂 It was absolutely freezing cold this morning when I stepped out my front … Read more

Ahh… the still of the afternoon :)

This might be one of my favourite times of the day… the afternoon when everything is as quiet & calm as a mouse and you can get the really important work done. A few this have happened today: – We had doughnuts. YES! – Ana emailed me from Spain to tell me off that her lovely do … Read more

Back in Brilliant Bristol!

Good arvo! [Afternoon] I’m back, did you miss me? I hope so, because frankly, I missed drivelling on about nonsense and giving you the story of my life every day 🙂 Spain was a delight I must say – and I learnt a few bits and bobs of Spanish while I was visiting. I’d let you know wh … Read more

The weekend is here…

Fantastic. The time has arrived when everyone (… well, most people) can relish having a whole 48 hours off of work. Urgh, actually saying it like that makes it sound like no time atall!! Um.. 2 days, the best part of a week, 172,800 seconds, 2,800 minutes.. Ahh that’s better 🙂 There&#821 … Read more

Morning All!!

It’s FRIDAY! And what’s more, it’s SUNNY!! We love a bit of Friday morning sunshine to get us in the mood for the weekend 🙂 What I’m not looking forward to is saying goodbye to our students 🙁 Luckily, not as many are leaving this week so I won’t feel as lonely! I might … Read more