Now THAT was a busy day!

Blimey oh Riley’s trousers this was a crazy couple of days!! The internet here has been up and down more than a yo yo the past few days… That is, for the staff not the teachers! Which has rendered me unable to blog for a day or so – so I do apologise. The internet is back now and better than ever – perhaps it went out to enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been having?! It’s been verrry warm here.. dare I even say….. hot? I said it! I said it! I’m sorry, but it really is!! Here, we call it an Indian Summer, which is pretty appropriate due to the fact that we’re a language school 🙂 It means that the summer was rather pants for us, but all of a sudden it gets amaazzing and warm right when it should be getting all cold ‘n ‘orrible. Usually a bit muggy too. Mmm… sweaty betty people on the bus. Gotta love it! Haha! We’re trying to organise a party for Halloween and it’s proving to be quite a challenge! Fingers crossed we find somewhere amazzzzing to do make a spooky evening of it all. I’m dying to cut out EC pumpkins!!!! What luck that pumpkins are orange!! Yesssss I’ve probably mentioned it before too, but the staff (hopefully everyone) is going to dress up on the day – love it!! I’m so excited, I can’t wait. Some of our very best and brightest are leaving this week – I’m so sad! I always get sad on a Friday, saying goodbye to people I see everyday, but this week there are a few who were here before me! So EC will feel very different indeed! Luckily we can keep in touch over Facebook and things these days, more students are … Read more


Ingmar. Has. Gone. He has left us to fend for ourselves for 2 weeks!! He’s gone to Spain with his wife and his lovely little girl! We will miss them popping in 🙂 Hopefully he won’t be interrupted too much on the holiday… he’s always on the phone or skype or something else to someone! Super duper busy indeed. A few more of the students here were asking me about the blog 😀 I showed them the easiest way of finding us, the facebook! Perfic! So fingers crossed they’ll tell some more of the students here and they’ll get involved too. I love welcoming new readers into the depths of the EC Bristol blog…… haha. Thursday is coming to an end, it’s gone really quickly! Guess who we said a teary hello to today? ANA!!!! Yesssssss, Ana is back! Thank the lord! I’ve missed her here on reception with me. Since Anne-Louise discovered her office and her own desk I’ve felt a little lonely here all alone, so I’m really glad to have her back 🙂 And she brought pressies for us!! She bought me a fan, but left it at home so I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it’s beautiful, plus one more for Anne-Louise. Some Spanish food for Ingmar and a few other bits and bobs too. Lovely lovely lovely – thanks Ana, we love you! Anne-Louise and Ana are out at the moment actually, buying stuff for the amaaaazing new residences I told you about yesterday. They’re kitting the flats out as we speak with delightful items to enjoy while you stay here. I’m jealous! I want some pretty things for my house! Any who, I don’t want to bore you toooo much with all my ramblings. But get this, I haven’t said ONE … Read more

End of the day…

*big yawn* It’s been a VERY busy day here at EC Bristol today, very busy indeed! Lots and lots of students asking questions about Bristol – where to go, things to do, sights to see.. Some students went on the Bridge walk that happens every other week, other students stayed behind and watched the DVD. We showed Love Actually today, a bit off-season, but it’s a popular film and one of Ingmar’s favourites.. so we had to show it!! We also had doughnut day yum yum yummmmm whilst saying goodbye to Kevin who is visiting some of the EC Schools for a while. We welcomed a new teacher the other day too called Rosie. Good name! She’s very smiley and happy and says a big hello. We ALSO said a big hello to our brand spanking new student residences!! They’re AMAZING! They have a games room with snooker, table tennis, a WII and a Playstation. There’s a built-in home cinema to watch DVDs whenever you want and a gym to keep fit after a hard day of studying! WOW! For those of you who really enjoy treating yourself to luxury – this is it! Ingmar tells me that it’s like a 4 star hotel, so it must be good. So phew, it ‘s been a bit busy here which is why I keep writing in the afternoon. At least today there’s no drizzle – just sunshine and a cool breeze. I read in an article last night that we could get snow as early as October or November this year! This is very unusual, but it’s pretty excitinggggg. It could be rubbish though, all made up hype to make us more excited that the miserable weather is coming….. I hope not!! Good lord, more weather talk. That is the sign … Read more


I like that word. It cheers me up when describing something that should make me a bit sad. Drizzle is a good word to use when describing that funny rain that’s really light and floaty. It’s not heavy enough for you to get an umbrella or use a hood on your coat, you can’t escape it! You get wet no matter what you try and do and your hair WILL be a mess after just a few seconds outside. It makes Bristol look pretty though, sort of all foggy and misty…. This is my way of putting a good spin on weather that isn’t so great. That’s what it’s like though at this time of year… AUTUMN. Good lord…. I’m talking about the weather AGAIN!? Why do I keep doing this to you?! Well on to another subject, we had the Welcome Event at a great bar / restaurant just over the road yesterday called Start The Bus. An odd name I agree, but a memorable one. They refitted the entire place around a week ago so quickly and it looks fantastic. Really classy and elegant, but still with some quirky bits too 🙂 The food we had was wonderful! 2 platters of super-healthy vegetarian food (a platter is a big plate of food that you share between a group of people) 2 platters of some meaty goodness and 2 platters of some hand cooked chips and dips. Mmmm……. it was amazing. I knew the food was good there, but I was really surprised with how tasty it was!! Plus, it looked fab when they brought it out. We had lots of candles in coloured jars on the table with big jugs of icy cola and orange juice. I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time, they all had a … Read more

Thursday joy

Joy, excitement, happiness, delight, bliss.. whatever you want to call it, it is becoming infectious around EC because it is the end of the penultimate day before the weekend. Yeeaahhhh! And, what a lovely day it has been too 🙂 It was absolutely freezing cold this morning when I stepped out my front door, but it has really warmed up and the sun has been a little hazy in the sky behind the occasional thin cloud. Look at me coming over all poetic! Sorry about that… It’s the pub night tonight woohoo so everyone is having a little social get together at the local, which this week is The White Harte. No no, I have not spelt that wrong, it’s called a hart because that is the name of an animal. It’s sort of like a deer or a moose.. but more like a deer. A big white and cream Bambi with slightly furry antlers! Whereas you may have been thinking I meant a heart, as in a beating heart in your chest. A mini one to one there… I charge by the hour 😉 haha Well, I’d better pop off now because it’s the end of the day already for me, but I still have a few bits and pieces to finish off. Today has really flown by! Phew, time for bed I think!! Speak soon, Fay xo

Ahh… the still of the afternoon :)

This might be one of my favourite times of the day… the afternoon when everything is as quiet & calm as a mouse and you can get the really important work done. A few this have happened today: – We had doughnuts. YES! – Ana emailed me from Spain to tell me off that her lovely dog is definitely NOT a boy, she is a girl called Lola – awwww! Sorry Ana! <3 – Posters have gone up about another trip to Bath in a couple of weeks, woo hoo! – Plans are being made about a HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!! Yessss! My favourite time of year! We have all decided that staff, if they want, are going to dress up on the day and have a lot of fun with it. I’m even going to carve some EC pumpkins out for reception haha! I can’t wait, I’m so excited!! I’ve just been finishing off the very important task of the new activities table.. Things like Open Mic nights, trips to the Zoo & local beauty spots, plus some great places to get some food. Mmm… food… You’ve made me come over all hungry now thanks a lot!! 😉 What’s your faaaaavourite food? I can’t choose as I have so many… maybe after my trip to Spain my current favourite food would be Serrano & Tomato Tapas. Good lord I’m very hungry now!! Will someone make me some tapas please?? Let me know, if you could have anyyy food in the world right now, what it would be, on the facebook page! Speak soon 🙂 Fay xp

Back in Brilliant Bristol!

Good arvo! [Afternoon] I’m back, did you miss me? I hope so, because frankly, I missed drivelling on about nonsense and giving you the story of my life every day 🙂 Spain was a delight I must say – and I learnt a few bits and bobs of Spanish while I was visiting. I’d let you know what they are, but this is an English blog – not a Spanish one!! When I got back I was imagining that everything would have changed… Bristol would look very different somehow. But no no, it’s all pretty much the same. This is, apart from the fact that Autumn is here. The city is slowly starting to creep into all the different shades of orange, yellow, gold and red. Only ever so slightly though, not huge amounts.. But the season of beauty has definitely begun. There’s a certain coolness to the breeze too… I even bought myself a smart coat yesterday, oh dear oh dear oh dearrr! I’ll tell you what though, I arrived and another left! To Spain none the less!! Ana has flown off to Spain to visit her family and friends… and more importantly her dog! She misses him a LOT. So we’ll see Ana again next Wednesday – just over a week away. We will miss her but at least it’s not for too long 🙂 AND, yes AND, Anne-Louise is back too!!! From her ever so long holiday in the lovely France, we were all very jealous. But that jealousy soon turned to whimpers as we realised how sad we were without her. But no matter, she is back and brighter than ever – ready to face the Winter with the amazing EC Bristol gang! Righty ho, well I’m going to chip off [leave] and let you all crack … Read more

The weekend is here…

Fantastic. The time has arrived when everyone (… well, most people) can relish having a whole 48 hours off of work. Urgh, actually saying it like that makes it sound like no time atall!! Um.. 2 days, the best part of a week, 172,800 seconds, 2,800 minutes.. Ahh that’s better 🙂 There’s a wonderfully bright moon outside which can surely only be a good sign.. unless a wolf is lurking around?? FACT OF THE DAY: wolves do not howl at the moon, they just howl at night, which is often when a moon can be seen, so they’re therefore usually associated with howling at the moon, even though they’re not. Sorry, I’m not quite sure why I’m rambling on about wolves… We don’t even have them here in England?! We DO have the Loch Ness Monster though 🙂 So, enough of this going on about nothing…. Tell me about what you associate England with, or what do you associate your country with? Do you think that we’re always ‘popping’ home to have a ‘spot of tea with some delicious scones’? Well, we probably are, but that is indeed a BIG stereotype about England which is not very true.. But we do love our tea. Also, we do not all sound as though we’re from London and  run around saying ‘Alryte guv’nah?’.. Just so we’re clear. It’s BALDERDASH. I’m intrigued to know what else you think of England, what are your questions or wonders? For example, a student once asked me ”Why do English people always talk about the weather?” haha, funny but true! Tell me what stereotypes or myths exist in your country, I’d love to know!! Give me a shout on the facebook: Lovelyyy! Right then, I’m going to say toodle pip and pop to bed. Spiffing. Smashing. Jolly good … Read more

Morning All!!

It’s FRIDAY! And what’s more, it’s SUNNY!! We love a bit of Friday morning sunshine to get us in the mood for the weekend 🙂 What I’m not looking forward to is saying goodbye to our students 🙁 Luckily, not as many are leaving this week so I won’t feel as lonely! I might pop down the shops in a moment to buy a few goodies for the staffroom for everyone to enjoy. This seems to be an ongoing theme here at EC Bristol… sweeties on Friday! I’m sorry to say it.. but I’m not here next week!! I’m on HOLIDAY!!! 😀 I’m getting excited, I can tell you. I’m off to Valencia in Spain – come and say hello if you’re near! I’ll be the one that looks like a tomato with blonde hair haha. So I will probably do another blog today and mayyybe another tomorrow to say good bye, but not to worry – I’m only gone a week! I have lots to be getting on with as it’s Friday, so I’ll give you a shout later on 🙂 Fay xo