Back in Brilliant Bristol!

Good arvo! [Afternoon]

I’m back, did you miss me? I hope so, because frankly, I missed drivelling on about nonsense and giving you the story of my life every day 🙂

Spain was a delight I must say – and I learnt a few bits and bobs of Spanish while I was visiting. I’d let you know what they are, but this is an English blog – not a Spanish one!!

When I got back I was imagining that everything would have changed… Bristol would look very different somehow. But no no, it’s all pretty much the same. This is, apart from the fact that Autumn is here. The city is slowly starting to creep into all the different shades of orange, yellow, gold and red. Only ever so slightly though, not huge amounts.. But the season of beauty has definitely begun.

There’s a certain coolness to the breeze too… I even bought myself a smart coat yesterday, oh dear oh dear oh dearrr!

I’ll tell you what though, I arrived and another left! To Spain none the less!! Ana has flown off to Spain to visit her family and friends… and more importantly her dog! She misses him a LOT.

So we’ll see Ana again next Wednesday – just over a week away. We will miss her but at least it’s not for too long 🙂

AND, yes AND, Anne-Louise is back too!!! From her ever so long holiday in the lovely France, we were all very jealous. But that jealousy soon turned to whimpers as we realised how sad we were without her. But no matter, she is back and brighter than ever – ready to face the Winter with the amazing EC Bristol gang!

Righty ho, well I’m going to chip off [leave] and let you all crack on with something [do something] that takes your minds from the chilly days and nights ahead… Dun dun dunnnnnnn….

Think of all the good stuff though – snow, ice, fluffy warm jumpers.. Mmm….

On that note, have a great evening and we’ll speak soon.

Fay xo