WHAT a night!!! What a night!

What can I say! THAT was a party! It was soo much fun!! I think that the students had the best time!! There was music, games, food and drink and plenty of fake blood!!! We still have the dress up competition to go on Monday – actual Halloween 🙂 We’re all so excited! I have the prizes ready to go for the winners of the competition…. drum roll to see who wins!! Have a look at the photos, I’m going to upload them on here and on the facebook. Tag people that you might know!! Saturday is the Zombie Walk don’t forget – 14:00 on College Green is when it all kicks off – meet me there in your best dead outfit. Looking forward to Monday now… the new arrivals are on their way…….! Speak soon and have a lovely weekend, Fay xo


Halloween Party here we come!!!! :):):) It’s tomorrow night! I’m sooo excited and so are all the students – so many have put down their names to go! Around 70 people or more, it’s crazy! We’re going to have music, games, spooky costumes, some food and all sorts! It’s going to be great. I have to go out tomorrow and buy everything to decorate The Lazy Dog – what a great name for our venue! It’s a really unusual but cool looking place which is perfectly eerie for Halloween….. All the students are going to dress up in crazy outfits to scare each other with and see who’s the best. We’re also going to have a pumpkin competition and give a prize to the winner… Everyone is talking about it! Right, so I have to dash off and buy a few things for the party – I have to make it as spooky as possible!! Speak soon, Fay xo

WWwwwoooooooooo [enter scary ghost here]

Did I scare you? Did I?! I blatently did…. Well well well, Halloween is lurking around the corner and we have FFFFINALLY organised our EC Fright Night!!! I’m so excited!!!! We’re going to have games, competitions, costumes, a scary lair, creepy food AND some music to set the mood! This will be a night to rememberrrrrr! The party will be on the Thursday before Halloween and we’re going to dress up on the day too woohoo!! We will have a DVD that night also, a scary one! Maybe 28 Days Later, or 28 Weeks Later… maybe both?! Just to make sure that we celebrate the day in style. There’s going to be this event in Bristol soon – it’s called The Zombie Walk and it’s brilliant!!!! Loads of people in Bristol dress up like Zombies and take part in a longgg and crazy walk around Bristol, scaring people as they go. I can’t wait. It’s so much fun!! Google it –  it’s bound to make you laugh. It’s not for the faint hearted though, so beware… Remember remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot! We see no reason, why gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot! (Terrible English by the way – very Yee Olde!!) It’s not far away now – a wonderful night for everyone to enjoy. It’s full of fireworks, big burning fires in the countryside, marshmallows over some hot coals and all sorts. Some enjoy sparklers too – writing their name in the air in front of them. In England, Bonfire Night celebrates a lovely chap called Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up The Houses Of Parliment hundreds of years ago with gunpowder. Long story short he got caught and was killed for his attempt of treason against the king. It’s all a bit dark … Read more

19 days to go……

‘Until what?’ I hear you ask! Until spooky Halloween!! I love Halloween! Literally love it. It’s a close runner up to Christmas, I’ve got to tell you! Some people might gasp at that and ask why on earth I would enjoy Halloween so much – it’s because it’s so much fun!! Most holidays are stressful, expensive, and hard work – but Halloween isn’t!! It’s a time to be young again and dress up in a silly costume to make each other laugh. For one day only you can pretend you’re a child again and lark about without any consequences! As I’ve been too old to go trick or treating and now that even my little sister is too old for it, I enjoy waiting at home with a big bowl of scary sweets and a silly outfit ready to see who knocks on my door and to secretly judge who’s outfit is the best! We’re dressing up at EC for sure now! Ana is dressing up as a black cat, I’m coming in as a vampire and who knows what else the others will wear!! Ana and I can’t dress up too scary as we will be welcoming the new arrivals that morning, so we don’t want to scare them away! That would be bad!! I have to go now, but I’ll speak soon!!!! Keep smiling 🙂 Fay xoxo

Lunch Time

Food food food! So much nice food! I am enjoying a huuuuge sandwich that was very cheap to buy (win win!) and plenty of the other students are enjoying some food from many of the other shops around EC. Yum yum yum! You can smell all the hot tasty food for miles!! It’s also one of the busiest times of the day at EC as all of the students finish together for 45 minutes, so everyone is enjoying having some time with their friends before either going back to class or cracking on with some studying in their free time. We have said a big hello to two Italian groups who are visiting us for a month. Italian food is definitely one of my favourite foods!! What is yours? A lot of people seem to think that English food isn’t up to scratch – I would have to agree sometimes. However, I really do think that there are some truly hidden gems in Bristol for amazing food! Some even let you bring your own wine for free! A lot of the best places seem to be family run and are keeping the values that every company should have – fair prices, quality food and with lovely people that work there! We’re a friendly bunch in Bristol! Anyway, I will have a cue of students in front of me at any minute so I should stop writing to be ready and waiting for them!! Speak soon! Fay xo

It’s the middle of the week!

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! We love Wednesdays!!!! However, I have always found it odd how we spell Wednesday. Phonetically, it should be spelt Wensday, but no no! We like to spell it Wed-nes-day, even though we don’t pronounce it this way. We Brits like to give you a challenge 😀 It has been crazzzzy here at EC so I must apologise for my blog-neglect-itis. I have been to the doctor and he said that it’s a rare disease which is caused by helping lots of students and being super busy. However, he said that there is no cause for alarm as it is completely curable: I simply have to blog more and I will feel much better – and hopefully so will you!! But I can only get better with your help – so please get in touch and tell me some funny stories or a good joke on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/ec.bristol 🙂 I have cut my toe!!! I was rushing to work today in a silly pair of sandals and I cut my toe 🙁 But Dan being the first-aid man was at hand the moment I got through the door to fix me up sharpish! So now I have a gurt bandage on my foot for all to see how wounded I am… Doughnut day may be in jeopardy! Noooo!! The students are walking to class right in front of me now, saying hello, good morning and how are you? It’s lovely to see how much they come out of their shells and how much they improve their English over such a short amount of time. They’re all in class now, apart from a few late students topping up their bottles with water… And now it’s quiet… Ahhh the sound of learning is a beautiful one! So. To make … Read more