WHAT a night!!! What a night!

What can I say! THAT was a party! It was soo much fun!! I think that the students had the best time!! There was music, games, food and drink and plenty of fake blood!!! We still have the dress up competition to go on Monday – actual Halloween 🙂 We’re all so excited! I have the prizes rea … Read more


Halloween Party here we come!!!! :):):) It’s tomorrow night! I’m sooo excited and so are all the students – so many have put down their names to go! Around 70 people or more, it’s crazy! We’re going to have music, games, spooky costumes, some food and all sorts! It&#821 … Read more

WWwwwoooooooooo [enter scary ghost here]

Did I scare you? Did I?! I blatently did…. Well well well, Halloween is lurking around the corner and we have FFFFINALLY organised our EC Fright Night!!! I’m so excited!!!! We’re going to have games, competitions, costumes, a scary lair, creepy food AND some music to set the mood! … Read more

19 days to go……

‘Until what?’ I hear you ask! Until spooky Halloween!! I love Halloween! Literally love it. It’s a close runner up to Christmas, I’ve got to tell you! Some people might gasp at that and ask why on earth I would enjoy Halloween so much – it’s because it’s so … Read more

Lunch Time

Food food food! So much nice food! I am enjoying a huuuuge sandwich that was very cheap to buy (win win!) and plenty of the other students are enjoying some food from many of the other shops around EC. Yum yum yum! You can smell all the hot tasty food for miles!! It’s also one of the busiest t … Read more

It’s the middle of the week!

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! We love Wednesdays!!!! However, I have always found it odd how we spell Wednesday. Phonetically, it should be spelt Wensday, but no no! We like to spell it Wed-nes-day, even though we don’t pronounce it this way. We Brits like to give you a cha … Read more