Lunch Time

Food food food! So much nice food!

I am enjoying a huuuuge sandwich that was very cheap to buy (win win!) and plenty of the other students are enjoying some food from many of the other shops around EC. Yum yum yum!

You can smell all the hot tasty food for miles!!

It’s also one of the busiest times of the day at EC as all of the students finish together for 45 minutes, so everyone is enjoying having some time with their friends before either going back to class or cracking on with some studying in their free time.

We have said a big hello to two Italian groups who are visiting us for a month. Italian food is definitely one of my favourite foods!! What is yours? A lot of people seem to think that English food isn’t up to scratch – I would have to agree sometimes. However, I really do think that there are some truly hidden gems in Bristol for amazing food! Some even let you bring your own wine for free! A lot of the best places seem to be family run and are keeping the values that every company should have – fair prices, quality food and with lovely people that work there! We’re a friendly bunch in Bristol!

Anyway, I will have a cue of students in front of me at any minute so I should stop writing to be ready and waiting for them!!

Speak soon!

Fay xo