Interview – Sebastian

Interview (made on 04/05/2012)

What’s your name? Sebastian
Where are you from? Germany, Karlsruhe.
How old are you? 29
What is your favourite colour? Orange right now
What are your favourite hobbies? Doing sports; in particular mountain biking!
My priorities are to be active!
When I wake up I stand up!
I like good food coming from all over the world.
I hate unkind people.
I’m proud of myself wink and my country!
The first thing I do when I get back home is doing sports such as riding my bike and meeting friends.
I’m afraid of nothing wink
I dream about – ruling the worldcheeky– getting into History!
My future projects: study politics at University.
My song of the day isTitanium – Sia & David Guetta.
My favourite book is Every man dies alone – Hans Fallada
My favourite film is Walk the line (life of Johnny Cash)
The 3 things that I can’t live without sport, news and good food.
Picture yourself in 10 years: 10 years older! smiley
My favourite food German pancakes made by my father.
I’d like to visit Corsica.
My favourite smell: dry wood…in particular when I walk in the woods in summer time.
Last concert or movie or play or musical that I saw The Intouchables (French movie) – Yeah good one!
What is the best thing in EC Bristol: the good mood and good atmosphere in the school.
What is the worst thing in EC Bristol: the lessons last 1h30 instead of twice 45mn with a 5 minutes break. I would prefer that way because I'd be more focused in my class.
My best memory from my childhood: having learnt how to play chess with my grandfather.
My lucky charm: a piece of "1 Deutsche Mark" – coin dated 1982 (my DOB).
Do you collect anything? If yes, what? No.
My favourite animal: elephant.
What are you thinking right now? I got to go to bed due to pub night and club.
What are you wearing? jeans, samba sneakers, t-shirt, pull-over and underwear.
My favourite sport: mountain biking.
My favourite country/city: Germany and Dresden.
It annoys me when people get too rich.
What makes me happy is having fun with my friends and laugh all together.
Thanks Sebastian! smiley
Stella xx