Song of the Day

Fabiola's Song of the Day Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to love Stella xx  


INTERVIEW TIME with one of our student Nathalie What's your name? Nathalie Where are you from? Switzerland, Geneva. How old are you? 19 What is your favourite colour? Red What are your favourite hobbies? Japanese culture and sleeping. My priority is to improve my English. When I wake up, I get dressed. I like chocolate! I hate pineapple. I'm proud of  :O The first thing I do when I get back home, I surf on the internet. I'm afraid of spiders. I dream about going to Japan. My future project is to improve my English ^^ My song of the day is Imagine – John Lennon My favourite book is Harry Potter by J.K ROWLING My favourite film is Green Mile directed by Frank Darabont. The 3 things that I can't live without music, internet, a book. Picture yourself in 10 years! If I am still alive it would be great. My favourite food is MacDonalds (fastfood). I'd like to visit Kyoto. My favourite smell is petrol. Last movie that I saw was Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift. What is the best thing in EC Bristol? the atmosphere. What is the worst thing in EC Bristol? the orange uniforms. My best memory from my childhood: family's holidays. My lucky charm is my mobile phone. Do you collect anything? If yes, what? nothing. My favourite animal is a cat. What are you thinking right now? An answer to the question. What are you wearing? a grey sweater, jeans, black shoes. My favourite sport is horse riding. My favourite city is Tokyo. It annoys me people that raise their voices. What makes me happy is music. THANKS NATHALIE! Stella xx

Song of the Day

Kyle's Song of the Day Oasis – Supersonic Stella xx


TOMORROW 31st July 2012 Meet? 18.30 in front of EC Bristol LASER FUSION below a picture of our last laser fusion! SIGN UP AT RECEPTION! Stella xx    


Hey Guys, Yesterday I had the chance to visit the UWE JUNIOR CAMPUS 2012 and it was AMAZING!!! It was really groovy to walk over there and meet our EC staff working there. Below some pictures! THE CANTEEN UWE RESIDENCE SPORT CENTRE Stella xx    

Song of the Day

Dan's Song of the Day Jamie T – Sheila Stella xx


Hey Guys, Tonight is KARAOKE TIME! Go and Enjoy a great moment with your mates!!! When? 18.00 Let's SINNNNNNNNNNG!!! Stella xx

Song of the Day

Louis's Song of the Day The Stones Roses – Fools Good Gary Clark Junior – Bright Lights Stella xx  


This afternoon, our EC SOCIAL was amazing! Everyone tried a typical English Cream Tea! Sooooooo Tasty!!!! Remember: TOMORROW 14.15 YOU CAN JOIN OUR EC SOCIAL for the second time – SPECIAL CREAM TEA! Stella xx