THURSDAY 30 AUGUST 2012 LET'S HAVE FUN AT SCHOOL LET'S ENJOY THE END OF SUMMERTIME EC SUMMER FINALE 2012 You will play different kind of games, eat and drink! YIPIE! THAT WILL BE AWESOME! Stella xx  


INTERVIEW TIME with one of our Activity Leader Ashley Plane What's your name? Ash Where are you from? a place called paradise. How old are you?  22 years young What is your favourite colour? fluorescent yellow….blue. What are your favourite hobbies? Euuuummmm…eating! Sport and socialising. My priorities are my friends, my family and the future. When I wake up, I shower, I look myself in the mirror, I blow a kiss to myself hahaha I joke…I eat breakfast (cereal). I like Samia & Stella. I hate boring people. I'm proud of my friends, having the opportunity to meet so many people. The first thing I do when I get back home is  I put on my itunes. I'm afraid of wasps. I dream about chicken! becoming an astronaut. My future project is to meet as many interesting people as I can. My song of the day is Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy. My favourite book is… The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. My favourite film is V for Vendetta directed by Tom Hooper. The 3 things that I can't live without:  friends, food, music. Picture yourself in 10 years! I'll be abroad. My favourite food is Japanese food. I'd like to visit  St Lucia in the Caribbean Sea. My favourite smell is glue, lavander. Last movie that I saw was  The Amazing Spider Man. What is the best thing in EC Bristol? the students. What is the worst thing in EC Bristol? leaving. My best memory from my childhood: the first time I went sailing on my own into the sea. My lucky charm is…I don't believe in luck. Do you collect anything? If yes, what? friends…No, I don't collect anything. My favourite animal is a panda. What are you thinking right now? at Jason Mraz because the tramp next to me … Read more


  SEE-NO-EVIL FESTIVAL GRAFFITI The festival was amazing! Loads of graffiti, loads of people, loads of music! AWESOME Below few pictures of the fest: Stella xx    


TOMORROW Friday 17th August 2012 GRAFFITI TOUR Do you like graffiti or are you interested in discovering the graffiti of Bristol??? Join the TOUR tomorrow with our EC Activity Leader! …and seek for NEW graffitis! Stella xx  

EC TEAM 2012

EC BRISTOL TEAM 2012 Anne-Louise (Accomodation Officer) Farewell… Stella xx  

Orientation Tour

For the new students, an Orientation Tour is organised. They get to know the main important spots of the city of Bristol! Here some pictures! Stella xx