Word of the Day

Today's word! "Coppers (n):   2 pence + 1 pence.   I've got a purse full of coppers." Stella xx  


  SEE-NO-EVIL FESTIVAL GRAFFITI The festival was amazing! Loads of graffiti, loads of people, loads of music! AWESOME Below few pictures of the fest: Stella xx    

Word of the Day

Today's word! "Have sth up your sleeve: to have a secret plan that you can surprise someone with. If the party doesn't go well, don't worry I've got something up my sleeve." Stella xx

Word of the Day

Today's word! "Fancy someone: to find someone physically attractive. I really fancy George Clooney." Stella xx  


TOMORROW Friday 17th August 2012 GRAFFITI TOUR Do you like graffiti or are you interested in discovering the graffiti of Bristol??? Join the TOUR tomorrow with our EC Activity Leader! …and seek for NEW graffitis! Stella xx  

EC TEAM 2012

EC BRISTOL TEAM 2012 Anne-Louise (Accomodation Officer) Farewell… Stella xx