EC SOCIAL What is it exactly? Well, the EC SOCIAL consists of having a drink, some cakes and a chat with your mates. What's more it is the perfect occasion to improve your English with our friendly, bubbly and enthusiastic EC SOCIAL ACTIVITY LEADER and you can make some new frien … Read more


Hi Guys, A few weeks ago we had the idea of putting a piggy bank for collecting the spare money that students don't want to keep before their flight back home. So the search started and we finally found one! This money box is amazing, it has a digit counter incorporated … Read more

Tennis Table in Bristol

This summer the city of Bristol offered its inhabitants Table Tennis! Great, isn't it? They placed them almost everywhere around the city (Queen Square, Millenium Square, SS Great Britain…). So that the people could enjoy a nice afternoon or evening or even morning! Have Fun! THE EC TEAM … Read more


Hi Guys, I just updated the photos taken by the American photographer during the Photo shoot in June 2012 on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Go and have a look! Some of these photos have been chosen for the EC BROCHURE 2013. Awesome! At the moment, the marketing pictures of EC BRISTOL are displayed in … Read more


Hi Guys, We recently launched a new activity called ‘ART AFTERNOON’. ‘Art afternoon’ what does it consist of? You go and visit art galleries and museums or you enjoy doing some art & crafts inside the school or outside the school if the weather permits it or you go on a g … Read more


Hi Guys, NOTICE tomorrow night – THURSDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2012 – is the launch of our new activity ‘Live Magic’ at Illusions. Your night would not be complete without magic! Two/Three magicians will be on hand from 19.00 until 1am. The shows last approximately 20 min … Read more

Word of the Day

Today's word! "Flabergasted: shocked. I was flabergasted at how expensive the TV was." Stella xx

Word of the Day

Today's word! "To be hunky-dory: to be ok. Is everything hunky-dory?" Stella xx

Word of the Day

Today's word! "To totter: to move side to side as if about to fall. Look at that woman tottering in her high heels." Stella xx    

Word Of the Day

Today's word! "To banter: the playful, friendly exchange of teasing comments. The men bantered with the waiter." Stella xx