Tennis Table in Bristol

This summer the city of Bristol offered its inhabitants Table Tennis! Great, isn’t it? They placed them almost everywhere around the city (Queen Square, Millenium Square, SS Great Britain…). So that the people could enjoy a nice afternoon or evening or even morning! Have Fun! THE EC TEAM xx


Hi Guys, We recently launched a new activity called ‘ART AFTERNOON’. ‘Art afternoon’ what does it consist of? You go and visit art galleries and museums or you enjoy doing some art & crafts inside the school or outside the school if the weather permits it or you go on a graffiti tour around the city. Bristol is a perfect place for Art! Why? First, it’s THE city where all the works of BANKSY started. You can have a look at his graffiti and many others made by different graffers. You can also find Art Galleries, Exhibitions Rooms and Museums in the city. Don’t miss it! It’s worth visiting them! What’s more, you can learn loads of things about Bristol and the world around us. If you are a creative person or if you are interested in art or if you are just curious about Art, go and join the Art afternoon on Fridays. Art & Crafts: draw, express yourself on a piece of paper, create, and set your imagination free. Graffiti Tour: go around the main graffiti streets of Bristol, take pictures, and learn a few things about Banksy’s graffiti. Art Gallery/Museum Visits: discover art galleries, see new exhibitions, learn the history of Bristol, and take notes of what you’ve seen. So go and join our Art Afternoon!!! THE EC TEAM xx  


Hi Guys, NOTICE tomorrow night – THURSDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2012 – is the launch of our new activity ‘Live Magic’ at Illusions. Your night would not be complete without magic! Two/Three magicians will be on hand from 19.00 until 1am. The shows last approximately 20 minutes, the magicians wont approach your table…it’s up to you to choose or not to watch the magicians whenever you wish so this gives you the opportunity not to miss any show. Go and have fun!!! It’s the perfect time to see and try to understand some tricks. Meeting point? ILLUSIONS MAGIC BAR (at the top of Park Street, close to and in the opposite side of the University of Bristol, Bristol Museum, Browns) We are waiting for your signatures on the sheet of paper placed at Reception! Come on everybody! THE EC TEAM xx


Friday 07th September 2012 was the opening of the New EC Activity: THE ART AFTERNOON If the weather permits, students go and draw in the park close to the school in 'Queen Square'. Otherwise, the students use the school facilities and develop their creativity there. The Art Afternoon allows the students to use their own imagination to create their own masterpiece. Below the drawing of one of our EC Bristol students: Stella xx

Bridge Walk

The Bridge Walk went very well !!! Thank You Guys for being so numerous! Every week EC Bristol organises a bridge walk for new and old students. They get to see an area of Bristol while visiting the world famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. Stella xx