In one day it’s DECEMBER !!!

Hi Guys, Have you started your Christmas Shopping? If not you can always join our London Trip on the 08th December 2012 – special Christmas Shopping! YIPPIE! You will be able to wander around the busy areas of Oxford Street and Piccadily Circus, ready to buy fabulous gifts for your family … Read more

A Brand New Week…

Hi Guys, How was your weekend? We are on the last week of November so you might be asking yourselves; what are the activities this week? Tuesday afternoon: Laser Quest. What is laser quest? It's a game based around infrared (IR).There are over 140 Laser Quest centres worldwide. Laser Quest … Read more

It’s the weekend !!!

Hi Guys, We've had such an amazing and exciting week!!! Unexpected and Surprising moment: The Queen in BRISTOL. She came really close to EC BRISTOL School (only 15 paths away from it)!!! Can you imagine that? Some of our students can now say that they saw THE QUEEN. Her Royal Highness Elizabeth … Read more

December is getting closer…

Hi Guys, How was your weekend? So what can you tell me about Stratford-Upon-Avon and Bourton-on-the-Water? Which city did you like most? If you don't have any ideas of what to do this weekend, you can always go to London. I'll warn you, the weather might be colder than Bristol. If you have … Read more

Last day of a busy week…

Hey Guys, What's up? Busy week? How are your courses going? Please share your opinions on our EC BRISTOL FACEBOOK PAGE. GLAGLAGLA…the weather got very cold, the winter is here, the decorations in the street are up, ready for the people to stare at them, the German market in Cabot cir … Read more

Another week begins…

Hi Guys, How was your weekend? Did you do anything nice? Personally, on Friday I attended an Art exhibition with some other people from EC. A very nice one! They were sculptures made of spoons, forks and knives and paintings. The artists exhibiting at the Grant Bradley Gallery are Bar … Read more

Almost the WEEKEND!!!

Hi Guys, It's almost the WEEKEND!!! What are your plans? Are you doing something nice? Are you joining the OXFORD trip? If you want to stay in Bristol, you can always go to Cabot Tower (at the top of Park Street), meet the squirrels (cute!) and enjoy an amazing view of Bristol from th … Read more


Hi Guys, Did you enjoy Bonfire (Guy Fawkes) Night? Did you go out on Monday night? Did you see the fireworks and the bonfire? Here some facts for you about BONFIRE NIGHT also known as Guy Fawkes Day, Guy Fawkes Night and Firework Night: The celebration of Guy Fawkes Night comes from the Gunpowd … Read more