Gabrielle Martins’s Message

Gabrielle Martins, one of our ex-EC students, wrote a moving message about her experience in Bristol. The EC Bristol Team would like to share it with you. Please read below. 'One year ago I was leaving everything and on my way to the best time of my life. Being away from everyone you know for t … Read more

Bye Ingmar!

Ingmar Albig, who was our Centre Director at EC Bristol, accepted to be the New Centre Director of EC Vancouver. Friday was Ingmar's last day at EC Bristol and unfortunately we had to say goodbye. His departure was sad and the week went strangely away. We congratulate him wi … Read more

A great message from one of our students!

Yesterday we received an amazing testimonial from one of our Spanish students here. His name is Sergio Rodriguez Bello and is following intensive classes at our language school in Bristol. Sergio wrote: ‘I am proud of my English because it is improving and also inside the school you get social … Read more

Valentine’s Day!

This year’s Valentine’s day at EC Bristol was very exciting! The EC Bristol team baked some amazing cakes to raise money for the BREAST CANCER CARE Charity. Everyone (EC students and staff) rushed to get their hands on them as soon as they came out. They bought. They ate. They loved it! In tot … Read more

What’s on at EC Bristol this week?

Our language school in Bristol provides a wide range of activities and for next month we are adding more sport option in our calendar.Today it’s time for drinking tea and eating scones at the EC Bristol EC Social activity. Try a traditional English afternoon treat. What’s more it’s a great opportuni … Read more

Bristol, the balloon city!

Anyone who does an images search on Bristol is bound to see pictures of hot air balloons. Bristol not only has the largest Balloon Fiesta event of its kind in Europe and as grown to be one of the largest outdoor events in the UK but also has a long and distinguished international reputation as being … Read more

Bristol, a Green City!

How green do you think Bristol is? Bristol has a long standing link with the green movement. Not only is the city proud of its status as a Green Capital but is also the UK’s first cycling city, with dedicated on-road cycle lanes, new traffic-free routes, 3,400 new cycle parking spaces and the bike b … Read more

Student Focus Groups

Good morning, In January the EC Bristol team started to hold its first Student Focus Groups. What is the purpose? Our language school in Bristol is committed to the welfare of our students and the quality of courses, accommodation, activities and facilities offered by the school. Your feed … Read more

February: month of love

Hi everyone, How are you feeling? How was your weekend? Did you do anything special and exciting? We are pleased to tell you that the 4th floor of our language school in Bristol is finished/completed/done! Classes are already being used. Please check out the pictures below: What’s on at EC Bri … Read more

Bristol & the Harbour

Hi everyone, How's it going? This month the school is offering brand new activities such as a Quiz, Badminton and Dinner & Conversation. Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), who take positions on opposite hal … Read more