Our top 10 places to be photographed in Bristol

Every week EC Bristol language centre is holding a photo competition on the very best shot of its weekly activity programme. And as the other EC language centres, Bristol language school also holds a weekly competition on Instagram. These two competitions are open to current students.  The city of Bristol is perfect to take pictures of. Its parks, floating harbour, architecture and street art are at the heart of Bristol. Here are the top 10 places to be photographed in Bristol as chosen by the admin staff at our great language centre. Bristol Harbour and the Docks      2.  Millenium Square      3.  Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill      4.  Clifton Village and Clifton Suspension Bridge      5.  Saint Nicholas Market and the Old City      6.  Bristol Cathedral and College Green      7.  Park Street with Banksy graffiti and the University of Bristol      8.  Stokes Croft     9.  Cabot Circus       10.  Queen Square Have a walk in our beautiful city of Bristol! Don't miss out your best shot! It's time for you to take as many pictures as you can of the city but also of YOURSELF. And if you wish, our language centre can publish them on our facebook page.   

Saint George’s Day!

Last night our amazing EC Bristol team organised a night out at the Thunderbolt pub. All the students & staff of our fantastic language centre came in to celebrate multicultural Bristol on Saint George's Day. It was a really lovely night in which students cooked and sold food in a very friendly environment. What's more members of staff performed a wide variety of songs and our great students introduced each band. However it was also a night filled with various games and fun activities. We are all very proud of our EC Bristol artists and that's why we posted videos of the night on our Facebook page. It was a great melting pot of cultures, music and food! 😀  

What our EC Bristol students like the most about Bristol?

Our EC centre based in Bristol,  conducted a survey about what our wonderful students like the most about Bristol. Each of our EC students, studying a lower or upper Intermediate level English course in Bristol, answered our questions with great enthusiasm. TOP 5 COLLECTED ANSWERS Lively Vibrant City Full of Youth, Shopping Areas, Green city, Street Arts, St Nicholas Market which is a market full of stands selling different national dishes. We have the pleasure of sharing the answers of 9 EC Bristol students, please read below. Lucia – A city full of youth coming from all walks of life (that’s awesome!) – A green city: plenty of parks and of course we can’t forget the famous and magnificent Suspension Bridge. – Pubs with live music – St Nicholas Market – The shopping area: Broadmead, Cabot Circus. Christelle & Mattia –  A green city: Brandon Hill and Cabot tower. – Clifton Village – Streets arts – The shopping area: Cabot Circus – To have a coffee in a typical English tea room. Oksana & Deniz – A green city: parcs. – Street Arts: graffiti, particularly Banksy graffiti. – The shopping centre. – Bristol Zoo. –  the Harbourside’s sunset.Zaki & Rodwan – A multicultural city full of youth. – The shopping area. – English pastry and all kind of desserts. – Bristol Zoo – Sport Facilities Silvia (unfortunately she didn’t want to have her photo taken) – A lively and vibrant city full of youth. – The riverside with its swans. – Pubs (particularly Molloy’s pub). – Friendly people. Marcelo (unfortunately he didn’t want to have his photo taken) – Pubs (Blue Lagoon, White Hart). – St Nicholas Market. – The shopping area in Park Street. – Club (Agora). Thanks to all the participants!

Spring Fair 2013!

So it’s “Spring” apparently, although you wouldn’t know it from the weather. Spring is a time of new life and change, and we at EC Bristol are no different. Therefore, we are having a Spring Fayre (or festival), to get everyone together, have some fun and raise some money for charity. Spring Fayres/Fetes are very typical in England, with all sorts of small games and prizes to be won, but the focus is on FUN! So this Sunday 21st April, we have a school event, with lots of activities and fun to be enjoyed. It will be held at the school, and will start at 11:30. Activites are inside and outside on Queen Square. Amongst the fun there will be: Cakes made by teachers! (but please bring cakes / sweets if you can cook!) Tug-of-War! FIFA Tournament (on the interactive whiteboards!) The Human Fruit Machine! Throw the Wellington Boot the Furthest! Face Painting! Music from Louis, one of our teachers! Throw water bombs at Kyle, one of our teachers! (who will be tied to a tree) Kick the Football at Teachers bottoms! An Auction of Teacher’s “Services…” and many more So come along and have a fun day with your friends and also the staff at EC, and let’s try and beat the £314.77 we raised for charity last year! 😀 The money raised will be donated to the charity SHELTER, http://england.shelter.org.uk/. Please have a look below at our 2012 Spring Fair pictures:

Our top 10 favourite food stops around Bristol

Bristol is famous for many things; balloons, bridges, blue glass and amazing languages schools but what new visitors to the city quickly find out is that a major benefit of studying in Bristol is the variety of great places to eat in the city. Here are the top 10 favourite stops for food around the city as chosen by the admin staff at EC Bristol: 1.            Full English Breakfast at Boca on the Gloucester road. The full English breakfast is an institution that every visitor to the UK should try. Surprisingly though, one of the best in Bristol is served at BOCA, a Brazilian restaurant on the Gloucester road. 2.            The Moroccan at St Nicholas Markets. A firm favourite with EC staff who visit from other centres in the UK, this is a taste not to be missed. Try from a choice of Moorish chicken or Moroccan lamb and wash it down with traditional Moroccan mint tea. 3.              Thali Café. Various locations around the city. Jools, the Operations Manager at EC Bristol loves Spiced Masala Chai Tea and the one from the Thali café is excellent. If you have a sweet tooth the banana pancakes should satisfy your hunger. 4.              The Burger Joint. Whiteladies Road, Clifton. For serious burger lovers. Custom built burgers for the burger connoisseur. A big hit with all visitors and a popular place with students. 5.              Pie Minister at St Nicholas Markets. If you need any proof of how tasty traditional English food can be than look no further than Pie Minister. A modern take on English classic pie recipes, Pie Minister has become an institution. Great food for a cold day. 6.              Brownies from Spicer & Cole, Queen Square. Brownies are a big thing at EC Bristol and the ones from … Read more

Francisco Ballesteros, one of our ex-student at EC Bristol, Testimonial

We would like to thank Francisco for his testimonial. Fran you've been a great student and even if you are not studying anymore at our language centre in Bristol it's always a pleasure for us to see you around. Here is what Francisco had to say about the school, city, staff and students while studying on his intermediate level English course in Bristol, moving up to advanced level: 'For me EC is not just a language school but a way of life. I studied there last year, and the two months I spent were amazing. It gave me the chance to meet a lot of people from all over the world, sharing my life for two months with them, and doing it speaking English is something I won’t ever regret. I can say I’m a lucky guy as I was able to come back to Bristol last September, this time to study at Uni, and luckily I could resume what EC means for me. Even not being an EC student anymore I can feel the EC mood when hanging out with the students and still meeting new people from different countries. I would like to thank all the people I’ve met at EC, not only when I was a student but also people that I’m meeting right now who I’m sure I will meet again in the future, and especially Stella, someone who was there and still is and who totally summarizes what EC is for me. Cheers guys!!!' Thanks Fran!

Kim Mariethoz, student from EC Bristol,Testimonial

Please read below the testimonial of one of our best French students Kim Mariethoz: 'I've just finished my 6 months in Bristol at EC school. I've learnt lots of things about how to meet people, be open minded and the English culture. I improved my English. In particular, my speaking and my listening. EC Bristol allowed me to meet loads of amazing people from everywhere in the world: Spanish, Italian, and Colombian…It's one of the best experiences I've had. After I finished High School, I knew that I needed to improve my English. I will never regret my choice. You can make amazing friendships, improve your English and live in a country with a different culture.' Thanks Kim! We really appreciated your presence at EC and we are going to miss you!  

What’s on this April at EC Bristol?

April, the month of Spring, the month of Giving Back and the month of Chocolate Eggs! Our language centre in Bristol is happy to publish its new April Calendar, offering brand new activities such as a Botanic Garden Visit, Spa & Wellbeing session, Theatre evening (Two Gentlemen of Verona) and Coffee & Chat. As well as our regular mix of sports such as: Badminton, Indoor Climbing, Football, Bowling, Salsa Dancing Night there are also cultural activities with the Art Afternoon visits to different Bristol Museums. Our language school is situated at the heart of Bristol city centre. If you require more information about our courses or check some pictures of our school, please click on the following links: http://www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-bristol and http://www.facebook.com/ec.bristol. There are a number of events happening in the city this month: Handmade Bicycle Show: 'Bespoked Bristol' at Brunel's Old Station Over 70 leading independent makers from the UK, Italy, France, USA, Germany and Japan will be coming to Brunel’s Old Station to showcase some of the most beautiful and desirable cycles on earth. Check out the following website to get some more details: http://www.bespokedbristol.co.uk/index.html Exhibition: 'Chocolate!' at M Shed This exhibition explores the history, mystery, magic and science of one of Bristol's (and the nation's) favourite products – chocolate! Discover the stories of those who made the confectionary in the city over the past 300 years, find out why it tastes so good and remember the brands from years gone by. Find out more on this website: http://mshed.org/whats-on/exhibitions/chocolate!/ Theatre: 'Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap' at The Bristol Hippodrome The Mousetrap is famous around the world as being the longest running show of any kind in the history of British theatre – with almost 25,000 performances it's a play to be proud of. The scene is set when a group of people gathered in a … Read more