Samuel Wildbolz, student from EC Bristol, Testimonial

We would like to thank Samuel for his testimonial. Samuel has been studying an ESL course abroad at EC Bristol. He has been an amazing student and we hope to see him again soon at EC Bristol. Q: 'Why did you choose this destination? A: Because of the location and t … Read more

Get up for the Upfest!

Why should you study ESL abroad at EC Bristol? Bristol is well-known for its graffiti art & being a multicultural city. One of the most notable Bristolian graffiti artists is Banksy who uses his original street art form to promote alternative aspects of politics from those promote … Read more

Meet our Teachers at EC Bristol – Part 2

Miriam Davies, one of our smiliest and outgoing teachers at EC Bristol, shares her favourite places in Bristol, UK. At the moment, Mim teaches the Intermediate and Grammar Context class. 'I live in the outskirts of Totterdown.' 'I love the Bocabar in Bristol.' &#03 … Read more

What a great idea!

                    Here at our language centre in Bristol, debating and discussion are extremely popular with staff and students.  You will always find a discussion going on whether it be in our lessons, tea & Conversation sessions or in in … Read more

Queen Square Pop Up

Visitors to EC Bristol may be surprised to see large tents being erected in Queen Square.     For the second year running Queen Square will change into a “tipi village” from May 13th to May 27th. The tents or "tipi" are part of a pop up restaurant event that celebrate … Read more

Bloomin’ Marvellous Competition at EC Bristol

Sunflowers are a great way to bring a little brightness into our schools. They symbolise positivity in many cultures, they’re environmentally versatile (used for biofuel, cooking oil, etc.) and the seeds taste great! So we're going to have an EC-wide Sunflower Growing Competition! 😀 Every … Read more

Meet our Teachers at EC Bristol!

BRISTOL Ellie Lindsay, one of our greatest and most sensational teachers at EC Bristol, shares her favourite places in the 8th biggest city in the UK. At the moment, Ellie teaches the Elementary, Low Intermediate and Get Talking class. 'I live in an up and coming part of Bristol known as B … Read more