Zeliha Cetinkaya, our Special Correspondent at EC Bristol, talking about the Big Green Market & Electric Sunday!

Our special reporter Zeliha, studying on an English adult course at EC Bristol, went to the Big Green Market and the Electric Sunday last weekend, part of the Big Green Week in Bristol. Please read her article below:On the 22nd and 23rd of June, my friends and I had loads of fun in Bristol; we went to the Big Green Market and Electric Sunday. We saw entertainment such as street dancers and so on. If you were close to St Nicholas Market or the Harbourside last weekend, you could have seen a lot of things to enjoy! On Saturday the 22nd of June, Bristol Big Market was held in St.Nicholas Market and its surrounding area. Bristol Big Market was really crowded and there was a high participation of people to the festival. There was a funfair for children, food and drink stalls, workshops and of course environmental organisations’ stalls. Greenpeace especially was highly promoted during the Big Market. Electric Sunday was held on the 23rd of June, during the monthly Make Sundays Special event. There were once again different performances on the main streets of Bristol such as street dance, sports and concerts. I have a video to share with you. You will be able to watch it on our EC Bristol Facebook Page very soon 😀 Please see the pictures below:

David Calle, one of our sporty students, participated in the Bristol Bike Ride 2013!

Last weekend, David Calle studying an English adult course at EC Bristol participated in the Bristol Biggest Bike Ride 2013. His feedback was really positive! The Bristol Bike Ride 2013 is also part of the Biggest Green Week in Bristol. At 9am on Sunday the 16th he joined the other riders on Millenium Square to start the ride. He took part in the Avon Gorge Loop route. The ride happened in the spectacular scenery of the AVON GORGE and used a combination of cycle paths and closed roads. It followed the road towards Shirehampton Village, crossed the Avonmouth Bridge and returned to Bristol on the Pill side of the river through Leigh Woods and Ashton Park back to the Harbourside. David enjoyed his adventurous day very much. He found it very exciting. The EC Bristol Team is really happy to have had one of their students taking part in such a fantastic event. Please see below some pictures taken by David during Bristol Bike Ride!

Zeliha Cetinkaya, our Special Correspondent at EC Bristol, talking about the Festival of Nature!

Our special reporter Zeliha, studying on an English adult course at EC Bristol, went to the Festival of Nature last weekend, part of the Big Green Week in Bristol. Please read her article below:'Hi everyone! It's the Big Green Festival in Bristol from 15th until 23rd June. Last weekend I enjoyed myself at the Bristol Festival of Nature, which is Europe's largest nature event. The festival was held in Harbourside as a part of the Big Green Week. Not only was the festival free but there were also loads of things to see and do! It was a great opportunity to find out everything about life and nature; seeds, saplings, clothes made from natural materials, organic foods, breads and spices, natural cosmetics, natural stone jewellry, book and music stalls. Man's best friends weren't forgetten as there were stalls selling handmade dog treats. At the end of my visit I had the chance to get some information and advice from festival staff. They told me that subjects like our use of energy, car sharing and saving water maybe seen as unimportant but they are all really essential for helping to save our natural environment. By the way, a small music group were singing lovely songs in the festival area and you can watch them on the EC Bristol Facebook Page 🙂 Here are some photos from the festival:'

Omar Abdul Majeed Yahya Al-Rashdi’s Testimonial, student at EC Bristol

We would like to thanks Omar Al-Rashdi for his amazing testimonial. Omar Al-Rashdi is currently following an English courses for adults in Bristol and we are really happy to have him among us. 'Q: Why did you choose this destination? A: I chose EC Bristol because my brother studied there last summer and he felt very comfortable with the team of EC Bristol. Q: What were your first impressions of the school and the city? A: My first impressions of the school and the city are that there are very good services. Q: What did you learn? A: I learned a lot of new words and a lot of things. Q: How much did you improve? A: My English is improving every day. Q: What did you like most about the school/lessons? A: I like very much students's activity. A: What I like the most during the lessons is the teaching's style. Q: What did you like most about your accommodation? A: The family who I live with is really kind. Q: Would you recommend EC to a friend? A: I will recommend my friends to study at EC Bristol because I feel comfortable and also because I learned a lot. Q: Where did your new friends come from? A: I met new friends from many other countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Korea. Q: What will you remember from your stay? A: I can't forget this amazing experience. It's the best time of my life!'  

Zeliha Cetinkaya, our Special Correspondent at EC Bristol, talking about the Festival of Stone!

Zeliha kindly offered herself to become our SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT for the live events organised by the city of Bristol or our amazing language school EC! She is currently following English courses for adults in Bristol. Please read her article below on the Festival of Stone. And next week she will get back to us with loads of info on the Bristol Festival of Nature. So keep on checking for updates! 'As everyone knows, Bristol is well known for its lively and enjoyable festivals. One of them, Festival of Stone was held from May 31 to June 9 for the first time. The festival was held on Harbourside. There were sculptors everywhere in the festival area and watching them while they were sculpting was amazing! When you looked at the sculptures you could realize that they weren't just stones, they were also living imaginations. Here are some photos from festival:

Academic Lecture at EC Bristol!

If you study an ESL course abroad at EC Bristol, you will have the opportunity to join our fantastic & very interesting lectures. On Wednesday 5th June, Andrew Giles (one of our awesome teachers at EC Bristol) gave a lecture called ‘Poetry: An Introduction’. The lecture was about the history of poetry and the current Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. We looked at her poem ‘Talent’ and at the end of the lecture tried to write our own poems! Here are the results: 'A horse was in remorse Now he is calm as a cow His anger turned to hunger.' Mina Kweon and Ji-Young Kim   'The bird hated the frog I don’t understand why Maybe because the frog Can catch the fly.' Carlos Bautista, Laura Boisan and Diego Ordoñez   'The beautiful cat’s eyes That fill the whole landscape The sheep could feel jealousy by Such beauty' Daniel, Vera, Zeloiha, Juan and Mayerli   'Losing a friend in a difficult situation Gives me the feeling like a chicken is being Eaten by a crocodile.' Faisel, Sadek and Abdalla   'An emotional state could be happiness But also could be run away from A snake or be involved in a room With a big spider' Paula and Eddison

Gabriela Manova, one of our ex-students at EC Bristol, testimonial!

Gabriela Manova was one of our best students studying an ESL course abroad at EC Bristol and we would like to thanks her loads for her touching testimonial. Gabriela was a really smiley and bubbly person who we loved having around the school.'First I was hesitating for the choice of my destination. I had in my head many destinations like Cambridge or Oxford and I didn't even think about Bristol. But then, my agency told me more about Bristol and I read also things about it so I was decided to go there. I was totally afraid because it was my first time in England but everything was awesome. Bristol is an amazing city with interesting things to visit and places to discover. A great place for students of all age and a place where people welcome you with a smile. I learnt a lot in EC and especially, the teachers helped me a lot for my FCE exam. From day to day, my English was getting better and meeting people helped also a lot, I could speak English all the time and not only with students like me, but also with local people. What I like the most about EC, is the wide range of activities it offers and it's a great way to meet people when you participate. The first week I didn't really participate to the activities but then, on my first friday in Bristol, I went to the pub night which is organised every Friday evening and it was fun! I spoke to a lot of people and then already on the next Monday I had lot of new friends. I really like the fact that the school organises all kind of activities such as sport activities, cultural activities, or just chilling activities like the pub … Read more