Undiscovered talents at EC Bristol English Language School

Walking through the corridors of EC Bristol English school we might not think that some of the students studying here have great talent, but this is not the case. Some of them are singers, musicians, artists or have other impressive skills. After chatting with students,  the EC B … Read more

TOP 5 museums to visit in Bristol!

Bristol has many interesting museums. EC Bristol English school often organises days out to museums or art galleries. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the city of Bristol or to discover new art. The EC Bristol team recommends the top 5 museums to visit in Bristol. M … Read more

TOP 5 Bristol parks to go to!

Bristol has many parks and in autumn what's better than walking into parks and staring at the trees and their colourful leaves. Plus, you will also have the opportunity to see squirrels and birds. After a brief discussion, the staff members of EC Bristol English school ranked their 5 … Read more

World Teachers’ day at EC Bristol English School!

Last Friday was World Teachers' day! And to celebrate this special day a tasty lunch and an entertaining night was organised for the academic staff at EC Bristol English school. The teachers had the opportunity to choose any topic for their lessons (music, movies, history, interactive speaking … Read more

The hairdresser

Studying at EC Bristol English school or working in the UK, you wouldn't be able to avoid the hairdresser's experience. First of all, the main thing you might need is vocabulary. A trim, a perm, highlights, a wash, a cut, a blow dry, a fringe, wax…etc. There are plenty of useful term … Read more

S q u i d s o u p Exhibition

Bristol was hosting an exhibition called s q u i d s o u p at The Eye near Temple Meads. It was a pop-up exhibition which attracted loads of visitors. They were exploring the social and tactile aspects of the piece, but also contemplating this virtual world of lights floating into space. T … Read more

What to do on a rainy day?

Bristol is such a lovely & lively city where there's always plenty to do. Here are five tips for you just incase you get bored on a rainy day: Go Shopping: Bristol has three great & stylish shopping centres; The Galleries & Cabot Circus, both located in Bristol C … Read more

What’s new at EC Bristol?

EC Bristol English school offers a wide range of activities & trips to its students. To start with, we offer social activities such as Dinner & Conversation, Cider sampling and Conversation Club. Then there's cultural activities such as visits to Bristol museums &amp … Read more