Caroline’s excellent adventures!

Caroline, one of our greatest EC Bristol teachers, talks about her adventures on her bike. I got back from my literary cycling tour of the North. Starting from near Blackpool, then over the Ribble Valley and the Trough of Bowland to Slaidburn. Day 2 was over the Pennines to Haworth and a day off visiting the home of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte. Day 4 to Harrogate. Day 5 over the rolling Howardian hills to Castle Howard for a bit of Tudor history and then onto Old Malton. Day 6 involved some cheating by getting on an old steam train at Pickering, which makes a stop at the train station used for Hogwarts in Harry Potter, for 2 days in Whitby visiting the Abbey and the church where Bram Stoker's Dracula is set and eating lots of fish and chips. Day 8 I was back on the bike to Scarborough where Anne Bronte was buried and Wilfred Owen wrote some poetry before going home.  After all of that I needed a holiday. Have a look at her amazing presentation:

EC Bristol loves light painting!

For those who do not know what light painting is our EC team would describe it as 'drawing with light in front of a camera in a dark space'. Basically, light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a light directly into the camera lens and it requires a slow shutter speed of at least a few seconds. It is a great activity to be organised for our students in which they will get guaranteed fun and nice results. In fact, this activity will be on this week. Our members of the EC Bristol team spent a good time drawing our logo into the magnificient night of Bristol; please see pictures below.  

Football Game: EC Staff VS EC Students

Last Wednesday, EC students competed against EC staff in a football match. The teams were very excited about the coming game and had loads of energy to spend. At the start, the EC staff team were winning 3 to 1 but the game soon got harder for them and the tables began to turn. The EC students team began majestically running the match. Like magicians, they were making tricks with their feet and successfully won the game 26 to 15.      

Our EC students are real cooks!

A few evenings ago, EC Bristol organised a multicultural dinner for the students in the lounge of our residence. More than forty students participated and cooked amazing & tasty food. International food was displayed everywhere such as Spanish tortilla, Italian risotto, Colombian plantain and Swiss ham and potato casserole. Our mouths were watering! Everyone interacted between each other, chilling out on the sofas, enjoying different dishes and making new friends. It was such a friendly and fantastic night that will be repeated for sure.      

Alejandro sharing his thoughts and feelings on playing football at EC Bristol

Playing football with EC I'd like to begin by saying that, though I have tried to play this sport lots of times in my life, I'm not very good at all. However I have to admit that playing football with EC is one of the best experiences that I got regarding to this topic. Why? Well. First and foremost this activity is more than just about going to show off your football skills. On the contrary, it is all about enjoying the moment. Share the experience of playing with and against other people from other countries while you meet up mates and make new friends. I remember when there was a tournament between all of the EC schools in the UK. We didn't win but, to be honest, my team and I enjoyed it so much that it would be wonderful to encourage more activities like this one and give the chance to others to experience it. To put it simply, it was great! Last but not least, I just want to say to thank you for making it possible. It's really nice to be in a school which has such high quality and also has something else to offer to its students. Well done! Alejandro Piedrahita Z.  

Halloween story created by our students

At EC Bristol English school, Shelly’s class had to create Halloween spooky stories. The best story written was selected by the teachers; and so we decided to share it on our blog. The students who wrote that fantastic story are Hyoin Park, Bruno Strentz and Virginie Latrille. Please read below the story (we agreed not to correct the grammatical mistakes to keep it as original as it is): Pronunciation save your eye Three stupid students lost their wallets and their phones in EC school. So they came back during a misty night to find their stuff. They knew the key code and they entered into the school. Suddenly they heard a strange noise. They walked to check in the corridor. They saw spiders and rats on the floor. So they were afraid and screamed because zombie teachers appeared in front of them. One of them shouted at the students: “Sexy tongue, sexy tongue!” Then they realised that she was Shelly zombie. She pulled on their tongues so they got long tongues. After that, they fought with Shelly and she lost her tooth and got a nosebleed. She said: I’ve your stuff and I’ll only give it to you if you correctly pronounce”. We must weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not; Ahahah!! The guys tried and with their long tongues, it was a success! So they took their stuff and they ran away! Later, they drank beers and ate sweets to feel better.