Halloween story created by our students

At EC Bristol English school, Shelly’s class had to create Halloween spooky stories.

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The best story written was selected by the teachers; and so we decided to share it on our blog.

The students who wrote that fantastic story are Hyoin Park, Bruno Strentz and Virginie Latrille.

Please read below the story (we agreed not to correct the grammatical mistakes to keep it as original as it is):

Pronunciation save your eye

Three stupid students lost their wallets and their phones in EC school. So they came back during a misty night to find their stuff. They knew the key code and they entered into the school. Suddenly they heard a strange noise. They walked to check in the corridor. They saw spiders and rats on the floor. So they were afraid and screamed because zombie teachers appeared in front of them. One of them shouted at the students: “Sexy tongue, sexy tongue!” Then they realised that she was Shelly zombie. She pulled on their tongues so they got long tongues. After that, they fought with Shelly and she lost her tooth and got a nosebleed. She said: I’ve your stuff and I’ll only give it to you if you correctly pronounce”. We must weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not; Ahahah!! The guys tried and with their long tongues, it was a success! So they took their stuff and they ran away! Later, they drank beers and ate sweets to feel better.