Welcome to Bristol!

The students in the writing class at EC Bristol would like to share their opinions about good excursions to go on if living in Bristol and/or studying at EC Bristol.   Welcome to Bristol If you are staying in Bristol in order to study English and you want to find out more ab … Read more

Student workshop at EC Bristol!

Pre-intermediate students at EC Bristol all watched a British TV programme and then created a TV poster review describing the content and their opinion of their programme. Have a look at their incredible efforts!  

EC Bristol Girls Football Team!

At EC Bristol, we are really proud of our Girls Football Team. Their skills and enthusiasm rival the boys. EC student Paula Casado is currently the captain of this fantastic team. If you are interested in joining the team, do not hesitate to speak to the staff members of EC Bristol.     &n … Read more

Yuliana shares her thoughts about EC Bristol trip to Oxford

Our student Yuliana would like to share her thoughts about EC Bristol school trip. Last weekend I lived one of the most beautiful experiences thanks to EC Bristol. I visited Oxford, a city in the central southern of England well known worldwide as a university town. The day was incredible with … Read more

Rap song at EC Bristol

Check out this EC student's rap about his every day life at EC Bristol! Wake up in the morning, quite lazy Have breakfast and learn Walk in the street, always happy Go & take the bus, catch a lady   Arrive at school, hello Stella I'm going to say good mornin' to Sara Tony is … Read more

Gina’s charitable project at EC Bristol!

Gina Rooke, one of our teachers at EC Bristol, is collecting old books from students who have just finished their courses to donate them to Charity. The charity in Indonesia is The IDEP Foundation. It is a local Indonesian NGO based in Bali that develops and delivers training, community programmes a … Read more

Careers Help at EC Bristol Language School

Germaine Broadbent, our Careers Adviser at EC Bristol, would like to explain how she could help students with their career goals. One of the joys of my job as Careers Adviser for EC Bristol is that although I am a tall, blonde, caucasian British woman working as a careers adviser, when I write email … Read more