Yuliana giving a special advice on a restaurant!

Our sweet Yuliana, from Panama, studying at EC Bristol would like to share her opinion about a very special restaurant. One of the places in Bristol that you definetely have to go is a restaurant in the Avon Gorge Hotel. It is a historic hotel that shows you an amazing view of Brunel's masterpiece Suspension Bridge. I decided to go there to have a very romantic and special Valentine's Day in the company of a special and amazing person for me. This beautiful restaurant has a wonderful outdoor terrace on which you can enjoy during the day the breeze or sun, but also it is amazing at night because you will be able to see the sky full of stars and the magnificient view of the bridge lit up. Before leaving Bristol don't forget to visit this beautiful restaurant with the company of some friends. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Carolina shares her feelings about EC Bristol!

The lovely Carolina shares her feelings about her first week in Bristol. My first week in Bristol When I made the decision to come to Bristol everyone told me 'Don't worry about the first days, they are going to be hard'. On my first week I haven't had a bad day. The first day of class really caught my attention. Everyone, from the manager to the students, greet you with a smile. The perfect organisation of the school make me feel at home. In only one week you can improve your English! (I pormise) You can do a lot of activities everyday or you can talk with other students after class. After my first week in Bristol and at EC, I was already looking for ways to stay here. ===== EC offers various English Language Courses, including IELTS Exam Preparation Courses in Bristol.

Piece of writing from our student Sezgin!

EC Bristol students were being asked to do a writing excercise inserting set phrases into a story such as 'let's go and get hammered'. Sezgin, one of our Turkish students, did the best piece of writing and we would like to share it. 'Let's go and get hammered' said an elderly man thinking himself in his prime when he was sitting on his rusty chair and watching the empty wall in a daze. On his last day, it was silent in the corridors which smelled of a disgusting cleaning chemical, as usual, in the mentally diseased person's unit in the hospital. Every person who met him thought that he was living in cloud cuckoo land. In fact he was born there because his insanity was the only inheritance to him from his mother who died while giving birth. A woman fancied him when he was working as a mechanic in the village. Then he was sentenced for killing her by using a screw driver, after his favourite football team lost the match eight-nine. His father didn't reckon he'd be able to carry on after that and he commited suicide. To be continued…

Some advice to improve your English written by our EC Bristol students

Five recommendations to improve your English from our EC Bristol students. There are many way to improve a language as fast as you want. We are quite sure that every single person has their own method to learn English. However, we are going to show you some simple ways that it can be useful for you. First of all, read! Read as much as you can, take a graded reader in the library and/or read your favourite book in English. Secondly, be attentive in class. Be active and it is also a great opportunity for you to make new friends. Thirdly, watch movies on tv with subtitles in English or the news. Do not watch films in your mother tongue that won’t help you at all. Fourthly, the best way to increase your writing skills is to write regularly. Ask your English teacher to give you more writing tasks. Fifth, review daily lessons and try to memorize & use new vocabulary everyday. We wish it will help!

Our EC students share a review of Wilfred Owen’s work

EC students read a letter and a poem about WWI by Wilfred Owen. The poem was called 'Dulce et Decorum est.' And the students wrote a review of his work as a writing task. Based on the first World War, the speaker explains his experience as a soldier, physically and mentally. The main point of the poem is how the soldiers fight and die for their homeland. The speaker can't get out of his head one of the hardest moments for him when he saw his comrade dying. It was a nightmare for him. The weather conditions are also mentioned in the text, showing us through the words how hard they were. Most of the soldiers were semi naked, injured, sleepy and ill. Despite the sadness that this poem manifests I think it was written by a genius. In my opinion, Wilfred Owen describes the situation giving all the details and using a lot of linguistic expressions. We can note as well irony when he talks about his enemies as 'a friend'. With dignity and courage he made this poem full of memories and reality. For me, he didn't like that situation and I think he felt like he was fighting with his values. Even though he had the ability to explain what he lived for. All the poem is about glory and honour for his country but at the same time it proclaims his 'antiwar' feelings. ===== EC offers various English Language Courses, including IELTS Exam Preparation Courses in Bristol.

Yasmine shares her love story!

Yasmine is happy to share with EC Bristol her love story. She is preparing for an exam at EC Bristol. How I met my boyfriend Marco I was 15 years old when I saw him for the first time. He stood three meters in front of me on the bus. And this is funny because I never saw him before (maybe I did but I didn't realise altough he lived only 5 minutes away from my home). My best-friend Alexandra was sitting next to me when I told her: 'I want this man and I'll get him.' But honestly, I never though I got a chance. But then after a few weeks I found him by chance on Facebook and I added him. Unfortunately I never sent him a message because I was too shy. One day, my roommate forced me to send him a message. She couldn't bear me anymore because I was always talking about Marco. So I took all my courage and on the 30th May 2011 I wrote him for the first time. The message said: 'Hi, was it you the guy who was really drunk on the bus last weekend?' (I know it was very rude but that's the reason he fell in love with me). He replied just a few minutes later. From that day we started to chat every day. Once I saw him on the bus and from this day we met every morning there and talked together. After two months he asked me for a date and then a couple of months later we got in a relationship. In october 2012 he moved in a new flat and because I already slept every night there I moved with him. We still live in the same flat together.

Minki Son’s shares his testimonial!

We would like to thank very much Minki for his great testimonial about our school EC Bristol and this fantastic city. Bristol is a medium sized city and you can do anything you want to. There are not many Koreans students in this city; and living in Bristol is not expensive as London. There are also not as many schools as there are in London. There are lots of different nationalities in the school, 30 nationalities; I have made friends with people from a lot of countries. I really like going to the pub with my friends to watch football and then it’s possible to be friendly with English people. I have been to London by bus and it has taken two and a half hours and it is only £10 – however the train is faster but more expensive. The shopping centre is very modern and near the school because we are right in the centre and the suspension bridge is a great place to visit. You can also see the city where Skins was filmed. ===== EC offers various English Language Courses, including IELTS Exam Preparation Courses in Bristol.