Yuliana giving a special advice on a restaurant!

Our sweet Yuliana, from Panama, studying at EC Bristol would like to share her opinion about a very special restaurant. One of the places in Bristol that you definetely have to go is a restaurant in the Avon Gorge Hotel. It is a historic hotel that shows you an amazing view of Brunel's mas … Read more

Carolina shares her feelings about EC Bristol!

The lovely Carolina shares her feelings about her first week in Bristol. My first week in Bristol When I made the decision to come to Bristol everyone told me 'Don't worry about the first days, they are going to be hard'. On my first week I haven't had a bad day. The fi … Read more

Piece of writing from our student Sezgin!

EC Bristol students were being asked to do a writing excercise inserting set phrases into a story such as 'let's go and get hammered'. Sezgin, one of our Turkish students, did the best piece of writing and we would like to share it. 'Let's go and get hammered' said an e … Read more

Our EC students share a review of Wilfred Owen’s work

EC students read a letter and a poem about WWI by Wilfred Owen. The poem was called 'Dulce et Decorum est.' And the students wrote a review of his work as a writing task. Based on the first World War, the speaker explains his experience as a soldier, physically and mentally. The main … Read more

Yasmine shares her love story!

Yasmine is happy to share with EC Bristol her love story. She is preparing for an exam at EC Bristol. How I met my boyfriend Marco I was 15 years old when I saw him for the first time. He stood three meters in front of me on the bus. And this is funny because I never saw him before (maybe I did … Read more

Minki Son’s shares his testimonial!

We would like to thank very much Minki for his great testimonial about our school EC Bristol and this fantastic city. Bristol is a medium sized city and you can do anything you want to. There are not many Koreans students in this city; and living in Bristol is not expensive as London. There are … Read more