Maria Pilar & Bristol!

Maria Pilar Rodes, Spanish student, would like to share her personal experience in Bristol and we would like to thank her very much for this beautiful testimonial. Since I received the news of this opportunity about coming to study English in Bristol, my life has changed. For me Bristol is … Read more

Everything you need to know about the English weather!

The weather: the perfect way to start a conversation with British people. We would like to thanks the Advanced and Upper-Intermediate English students for creating this summary of a chapter in ‘Watching The English’ by Kate Fox. ‘When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is on the … Read more

EC Bristol students creating brilliant holiday leaflets!

A group of students at EC Bristol had a workshop in class to create holiday leaflets. Different eye-catching leaflets have been made such as Week of Meditation In Tibet, An Unforgettable Experience with the Wayuu, Farm Watching Holiday and the Wildlife Photography in Africa. Belo … Read more

My experience in Bristol by Alberto Hernandez

Alberto Hernandez from Panama would like to share his experience in Bristol. He is studying in Upper-Intermediate English Class. Having spent two and a half months here in Bristol, it is quite an enjoyable living and learning experience in this English language centre (EC) as well as the city. … Read more

Follow Augustin Pizon on his graffiti tour!

Augustin Pizon, an EC Bristol student in Low Intermediate English class, would like to share his graffiti tour experience with you. Bristol is one of the best places for graffiti street art. A city with a population of approximately 420 000 habitants, it‘s the obligatory way for … Read more

Colour Poems written by Elementary 2

EC Bristol school would like to share the top three colour poems created by Elementary students.   Green is a big silent forest Green is dangerous money Green is a healthy pear Green is a spring tree by  Milagros Defracia   Blue is the calm sky Blue is a powerful ocean But nothin … Read more

Creativity in the Pre-intermediate class!

Here are some spine-chilling ghost stories written by the Pre-Intermediate PM2 Intensive English class at EC Bristol. Have a read through these awesome stories! A long time ago, one woman had seven children. She was very bored by her children. She became hysterical and she decided to kill them. One … Read more