Maria Pilar & Bristol!

Maria Pilar Rodes, Spanish student, would like to share her personal experience in Bristol and we would like to thank her very much for this beautiful testimonial. Since I received the news of this opportunity about coming to study English in Bristol, my life has changed. For me Bristol is a fantastic city. I have met many people who make the best of my days. I came here for one reason: to improve my English. I have been talking with natives and I think it helped to improve my listening and speaking skills as well. EC Bristol is amazing; you have language exchanges every day with people from all over the world. My teachers have the best way to teach you English and every day I learn new things. I have been getting to know beautiful cities of England and I hope to know more. For me this is a new life experience far from home that will help me grow and change the way I see things.

Everything you need to know about the English weather!

The weather: the perfect way to start a conversation with British people. We would like to thanks the Advanced and Upper-Intermediate English students for creating this summary of a chapter in ‘Watching The English’ by Kate Fox. ‘When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is on the weather’ says Dr Johnson. Many observers have tried to figure out why English people are so interested in the weather but they misunderstood this phenomenon. The common mistake is treating this converstaion as real discussion about the weather, whereas it is actually an exchange of greetings. It’s a form of code which helps to start a conversation. For example, questions like ‘Nice day, isn’t it?’ ‘Ooh, isn’t it cold?’ ‘Still raining, eh?’ are used to overcome the natural exchange between the speakers. The reciprocity rule These greetings are just another way to say hello, so we should always respond saying for example ‘Hi, yes isn’t it’. Unwritten and accepted rules dictate a repetitive pattern of conversation about the weather. The context rule includes three different ways in which the weather can be used as a greeting, ice-breaking. The fact that the weather is so changeable in the UK makes it a good subject of conversation. Talking about the weather is not the main interest for English people, just as totems were not just symbols used to define social structure. The main rule of the weather-speak is to never disagree. The disagreement is rare; it would be seen as rude and would lead to an uncomfortable silence. On the other hand, there are some exceptions to the rule. The hierarchy rule English people grade the different types of weather and the adjectives which define them. This fact creates a hierarchy of words that they use both in a weather conversation and in their current life. For … Read more

EC Bristol students creating brilliant holiday leaflets!

A group of students at EC Bristol had a workshop in class to create holiday leaflets. Different eye-catching leaflets have been made such as Week of Meditation In Tibet, An Unforgettable Experience with the Wayuu, Farm Watching Holiday and the Wildlife Photography in Africa. Below is a transcription of each leaflet.   Week of Meditation in Tibet 20 – 27 August 2014 Travel Agency: Bristol Travelling Tour Bristol Travelling tour offers an unforgettable week of meditation in one of the most important monasteries in Tibet. Turutaka: located in one of the most remote and unihabited areas of the Tibetan plateau, at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level, the monastery of Turutaka is immersed in unspoiled nature. Programme provided if interested by the travel agency. The fee is £1500. 10% discount for group of more than 10 people.                   Guajira: An Unforgettable Experience with the Wanyuu Rioacha, Capital og La Guajira with temperature between 27 to 30 degrees approx. The habitants are one of the strongest & oldest native communities in the world: the Wayuu, their houses are elaborated in ‘Yotocoro’ (bark cactus) which contrast of the bright colours of their clothes. To reach them, you have to cross the remote desert and in the vegetation, you can find the rustic buildings. They welcome you with a glass or totumo of ‘chirrinchi’; it is a drink made of sugar cane brandy (aguardiente). Depending on your decision, you can stay in a hotel (between $12 to $22), hammock ($6) or chicharro ($8). Wyuu Cultural Festival Wayuu have a rich culture that has been passed from generations to generations in form of myths and legends thus preserving their customs and traditions. The festival is celebrated on 16, 17 and 18th of August. Exhibition of handcrafts Wayuu tissues are made … Read more

My experience in Bristol by Alberto Hernandez

Alberto Hernandez from Panama would like to share his experience in Bristol. He is studying in Upper-Intermediate English Class. Having spent two and a half months here in Bristol, it is quite an enjoyable living and learning experience in this English language centre (EC) as well as the city. In my first week in Bristol, I found out about this city. There is an astonishing balance between modern and old things. You can easily find nice places to relax and to enjoy the scenery along the riverside. Actually, I ride my bike around Bristol and some nights I practice kayaking along The River Avon. Kayaking is my sport discipline that I want to get to represent my country in the Olympics Games. As for social life, it is wonderful to meet people from various parts of the world and try to learn about their culture and sometimes taste their food. About the staff and teachers of EC Bristol, they are always kind, supporting every student in what they can and looking for the best for each student for the improvement of their english language.

Follow Augustin Pizon on his graffiti tour!

Augustin Pizon, an EC Bristol student in Low Intermediate English class, would like to share his graffiti tour experience with you. Bristol is one of the best places for graffiti street art. A city with a population of approximately 420 000 habitants, it‘s the obligatory way for all the artists who want to be famous. Although, the Bristol Council use the graffiti to attract the tourists and it has organised a festival of graffiti since 2011. In fact Bristol’s famous due to “Banksy” a UK artist known in the world of the graffiti but also by normal people. Banksy has made his success with shocking and provocative art. We’ll do the graffiti tour of Bristol which I did a couple of weeks after 2014. First we went to go by Clifton road to see one of the most graffitied areas of Bristol. Painted by Banksy, the pictures have been vandalised and in part restored. After that we went in the direction of St Pauls in spite of its bad reputation. It’s a fantastic playing place for the artists who give free rein to their imagination. These are just a few photos I had taken but I enjoyed my time in this part of the city that I didn’t know. If you pass by Clifton road you must go to St Pauls to see that. I am sure you will enjoy your time and discover lots about street Art. To finish we walked in the direction of Cabot Circus Shopping Centre to see the graffiti festival where more than 250 artists were invited. We can see on the pictures some enormous and gorgeous graffiti equally preserved by the Bristol Council. I hope you have liked the Presentation of the graffiti tour! Augustin Pizon, Low Intermediate class The end  

Colour Poems written by Elementary 2

EC Bristol school would like to share the top three colour poems created by Elementary students.   Green is a big silent forest Green is dangerous money Green is a healthy pear Green is a spring tree by  Milagros Defracia   Blue is the calm sky Blue is a powerful ocean But nothing is more beautiful than your Blue eyes by Alvin   Red is an attractive car Red is romantic roses Red is a beautiful dress Red is an expensive bag Red is a comfortable sofa by Zuleydi M Coulson R.  

Creativity in the Pre-intermediate class!

Here are some spine-chilling ghost stories were written by the Pre-Intermediate PM2 Intensive English class at EC Bristol. Have a read through these awesome stories! A long time ago, one woman had seven children. She was very bored with her children. She became hysterical and she decided to kill them. One day she went to the river and she left her children in the river, she did that because she wanted her children to die. It was utterly terrifying. Afterwards, she went home, but when she arrived she felt disappointed with herself, so she went back to the river to search for her children. But when she reached the river she couldn’t find her children and she began to cry. Since that day, near to the river at night you can hear that woman cry for her babies, and if you don’t take care of your sons or daughters, this woman appears and she steals them away. – By Yasuo Tabira & Camila Villa Losada A Witch Story: It was many many years ago. An old woman lived in her big house with a big garden. She was alone. One day a dark crow landed on the windowsill of her bedroom. It wasn’t just a crow. Actually, it was a witch. The witch wanted to kill the poor old woman… to make a potion with her bones and skin. But, the witch wasn’t to know that the old woman… was also a witch. To be continued… – By Ersin Akbaba & Ali Oner The Girl from a Dark Well: Once upon a time there was an old well which was not used anymore… When I went to gram’s house in the countryside, I went to the forest by myself because there was nothing else to do. I walked and walked … Read more

Angeline Poitout shares her experience in the Work & Business Class

Angeline Poitout, a French student at EC Bristol, would like to share her experience and more precisely a project she was involved in last month. My Experience in Work and Business English class – By Angeline Poitout First of all, I would say that is difficult to summarize all the work we did, because it represents two intensive months, which has permitted us to improve a lot our English, to meet a local professional and locals, and for me, it has definitely helped me to be more confident. All began when Deb, our fab teacher of Work and Business class, who told us about an opportunity to create an idea for a local really well-known professional in Bristol and countryside: Hobbs Hairdresser. The task was to create an idea to increase salon visits on Wednesday which is the quietest day of the week in terms of customers. I absolutely wanted to work alone to prove to myself that I could do it, which is funny because in general, I prefer to work in a team. Anyway, there were one team of 3, one team of 2 and myself. After almost 2 weeks of preparation, we made an oral presentation in front of Hobbs and his right-arm Ellie. After one week, our teacher announced that he would develop 2 ideas in his salon: The Wine Tasting (Carlos’ idea) and Women’s Wednesday (My idea). After a lot of hard work, both events took place; the 18th of February for the Women’s Wednesday and 21st of February for the Wine Tasting. The achievement of both these incredible experiences: were excellent feedback for the Wine Tasting (organised by Carlos Machado Carjaval, Francesco Pignatelli with the active participation of Roy JuengsooHa, Ray, Muha Saleh, Natalia Gonzalves, Tiba Rasiah, Thies Neuhnaus and Tibor Priam), and the … Read more