Alejandro Padillo shares his experience at EC Bristol!

Alejandro Padillo, Spanish student in General English Upper-Intermediate class at EC Bristol, would like to share his experience. I had studied at EC Bristol for a period of 3 months and I had a wonderful experience so I decided to come again after Christmas for 3 other months. You learn English in a happy atmosphere with the most modern facilities to improve your knowledge. I will never forget the people I have met here. Alejandro Padillo

Dalcia, our lovely Panamanian student, shares her testimonial!

Dalcia, our lovely Panamanian student in the Academic English Intermediate class, would like to share her experience. My name is Dalcia and I’m from Panama in Central America. When I arrived here in Bristol I never thought I will have so many experiences. I came here because I wanted to improve my English and I think it’s the best way to learn this language. I have met people from different countries and come to know their cultures. For example. Arab, Asian, Turkish and South America. I like to make friends. I have travelled to some cities and places. I’ve had excellent trips. Thanks to Luke who is the tour guide from EC Bristol. Every Monday I meet new students and it is fascinating. I don’t want to go back to my country. I would like to spend more time in EC Bristol. I will miss it!

Have you ever felt that you can’t do something, even if you can do it?

Manuel Ventura, our fantastic Venezuelan student at EC Bristol, would like to share his views. Well, release your mind and think about those people who do incredible things…They have the willpower to never give up! This is the History of Erick Weihenmayer, who, at 32 years of age and completely blind, climbed Everest (8.848 mts) 13 years ago. Erick became the first blind person to arrive at the summit of Mount Everest. Unfortunately, he lost his vision when he was 13 years old. Three years later, he began to climb mountains, perhaps because he had self confidence and didn't worry about his limitation. Erick managed to get to the peak,  listening the sound of the bells in the bags of his climbing companions. He managed to arrive at the top in only 4 days, as well as his friends who had been mountaineers for a long time. We can do anything we want !   Just find your Everest and climb it…