Meet our EC Bristol Academic Year Coordinator Claire

Our lovely Academic Year Coordinator Claire would like to share a message with you. My name is Claire, I am the Academic Year Coordinator for EC Bristol.  My job is to ensure that our long-term students (24 weeks+) are making progress, achieving their goals, and having a great time in Bristol! … Read more

Live music in Bristol!

If you like live music, then Bristol is the city for you. Many students and members of staff of EC Bristol are going to gigs. Gigs are always very enjoyable and the atmosphere is exciting, thrilling and inspiring. Every night a pub will be holding amateur and professional open mic nights where anyon … Read more

It’s the football season at EC Bristol!

The most popular activity at EC Bristol is by far Football. Angolans, Arabics, Colombians, Brazilians, Itallians, Swiss meet up every Fridays to go to the sport centre and compete between each other. We will soon see them at the Premier league ;D  Recently, the Director of Studies Dan, the … Read more

Nicole Ruiz shares her EC Bristol experience!

Our wonderful Panamanian student Nicole Ruiz, who went from Beginner to Intermediate level during her stay at EC Bristol, would like to share her testimonial. I came to Bristol, to improve my speaking and listening and I could achieve it thanks to EC School, one of the best English schools in Englan … Read more

EC Bristol students share their favourite food recipes!

Our EC students: Manon, Roberto, Daniela, Laura, Marion and Manuel, all studying in Intermediate class at EC Bristol, wrote their favourite recipes and kindly advise us to try them all. PASTA SAUCE RECIPE (for 5 person) * 3 big potatoes * 1 scallion * 2 courgettes * 1 carrot * 300g of Parmigian … Read more