Kevin Schwald shares his thoughts about last weekend EC trip!

Hey everyone! My name is Kevin and I would like to share my feelings about last weekend trip. This Saturday was the best day since I arrived in Bristol! EC Bristol offered a trip to Brecon and Beacon in the south of Wales. We spent 3 hours in the bus to get there but it was definitely worth it. I didn’t know that Wales has this wonderful landscape. You can’t understand how beautiful it is just by looking the pictures! Many thanks to Luke (our EC activity leader) ! He showed us the special places. My friends and I had a great time!  

Speak English at EC Bristol!

You will often hear Jools, the Operations Manager of EC Bristol, reminding students to speak English in the student lounge. However, when he walked out of his office this summer he was greeted by a fantastic sight. This group was made up of students from all corners of the world and were in deep conversation together in English. What a great example! Making new friends and developing their English together.

Marina Isel shares her fond memories of EC Bristol!

Marina Isel, Spanish student who was studying in English Pre-Intermediate class, would like to share her fond memories of EC Bristol. Hi, I love this school because it is very funny. There are a lot of activities and the people is very nice and the teachers too! I have met people from France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Colombia. My favourite EC activity was the balloon fiesta because it was very nice and I loved it! I would like to come back soon. I will miss EC Bristol! 🙁

Eric Mistrazzoso would like to share his testimonial!

Eric Mistrazzoso, our lovely Italian student who is currently studying in the Low Intermediate English Class at EC Bristol, would like to share his feelings about the school and the city of Bristol. And we would like to thank him loads for his testimonial. I chose Bristol because the city is very peaceful. I learnt a lot of new vocabulary and I improved all my English skills. I like the school organisation for all the details, even the smallest. About my accommodation I like the privacy my host gives me. Certainly I will recommend EC Bristol to all my friends. I made friends from all over the world and I will remember everything about the experience.  

Daniela Forero shares her experience in EC Bristol!

We would like to thank Daniela who was studying in an English Upper Intermediate class at EC Bristol for her testimonial. She was a wonderful student and we hope to see her soon again! EC Bristol offered a great experience to me, indeed. I had the chance to improve my english skills in a way I didn’t expect. My teachers were quite professional and create a suitable environment for my learning process. The teaching method varies depending on the teacher preferences, but they do not improvise. Beyond that, the school atmosphere was satisfying, there are different services available as: a small library with books and dvd’s, computers with wifi, a comfortable lounge and the classrooms have a flawless design. Besides that my family was kind and respected my space and identity. That’s why I recommend EC without hesitation, they care about student’s welfare and learning process accuracy. Thanks Daniela

Cintia Tautz speaks about this year’s Hot Air Balloons Fiesta!

  Last Thursday I spent a wonderful night at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. First of all it was nice that they had bus shuttles that I hadn’t to walk there! Then I went to the festival area and saw all the funny shaped hot air balloons such as a flower, a dragon, a bear and a smurf. I went there with my friends and we particularly enjoyed the food and the final show. The Nightglow and the Fireworks were amazing. It was brilliant! I didn’t know what to expect, but it surpassed all my expectations. I was stunned and the best thing is that the festival was free! I will come back to Bristol and see it again! —— Learning English is Fun at EC Bristol!

Jelle Van Bezouw shares his feelings about his stay at EC Bristol!

We would like to thank Jelle Van Bezouw for his testimonial. Jelle is a Dutch student; studying in an Upper Intermediate English class at EC Bristol. I spent one month in Bristol to improve my English skills. Besides learning the language it is also a very exciting experience. I met a lot of people from all over the world. It’s an experience in more than one way and it is an excellent way to spend your holidays.

Eva Praxova’ shares her testimonial!

Our fantastic Czech student Eva Praxova’, who is currently studying General English Intermediate level at EC Bristol, would like to share her testimonial. I chose EC Bristol because my friends recommended me to go there to improve my English. In my country, I need to use English at work every day. I think that my English has improved. I’m not afraid of speaking English and that is very important for me. I met a lot of interesting people at EC School. I hope that we will keep in touch for a long time. My friends come from Spain, Italy, Brazil and Germany. I have also met very interesting teachers. I met Debora and her lessons are very funny. Her explanation is brilliant. She used everything to explain us unknown words and phrases; for example: hands, legs, voice and pictures. The host family where I am staying is brilliant too. The host mother is very patient and fine. I feel like in my grandmother’s house.

Cintia Tautz shares her thoughts about an EC Bristol trip!

Cintia Tautz, our fantastic intern, would like to share her thoughts  about the Oxford trip that EC Bristol organised. Hi all, Two weeks ago I joined the school trip to Oxford! It was amazing. I heard a lot about Oxford before but I didn’t expect to be such a great city! Luke, our activity leader showed us the most interesting places and after we had some free time to explore the city by ourselves. I  was stunned by the beautiful architecture. As far as the eye can see historic buildings! And when we walked through the streets and saw the happy students who were having their graduation, we thought WOW it has to be absolutely wonderful to study in Oxford. In the end it was a must to buy some souvenirs! I made new friends and we had an amazing time in Oxford! Check out the great pictures below.