Jeanette Buraas shares her lovely experience at EC Bristol!

Jeanette Buraas from Norway is currently studying at EC Bristol in Upper-Intermediate class and would like to share her thoughts about EC. We would like to thank her very much for it. I am really glad my institute chose this English Language school. The teachers are funny and inspiring. They make you want to learn. I am signing up for almost most all of the activities to get more out of the EC experience. The best thing is that everyone is here for the same reason and it is really easy to make a lot of friends from many different countries. I would definitely recommend EC to others!

Dominic Lischer shares his feelings about EC Bristol!

Dominic Lischer, Swiss student currently following the Cambridge Exam Preparation for the CAE, would like to share his testimonial about EC Bristol. Why did you choose this destination? I closed my eyes and threw a dart on a map. It turned out that I struck Bristol. What did you learn? How much did you improve? The CAE is quite challenging… In the first three weeks I have been learning a lot of new vocabulary and I certainly wrestled with the grammar.  What was your favourite EC activity? Why? I have joined the graffiti-tour through Bristol. We have been impressed how street artists were able to turn gloomy streets into colourful places. What did you like most about the school/lessons? I like the way they teach. That means you are responsible for your own progress. With the help of feedback from students they provide the class with what they need most. What did you like most about your accommodation? I am glad to be experiencing the homestay with a young family. It is very uncomplicated to communicate and I really appreciate their family lifestyle. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Absolutely! I will recommend EC. It is not just the class that matters but it is the big picture with all these events and journeys and people from all over the world. Where did your new friends come from? My new mates come from Norway, Germany, Columbia and Switzerland.

Tom would like to speak about his fun time in Oxford!

Tom Josko is currently working as an intern at our school EC Bristol and would like to share his experience of a trip he joined. Oxford trip! He comes from Germany and EC is really proud to count him among its staff member. On Saturday 20th September 2014, some students from EC Bristoljoined the Oxford trip. The start was at 9:15 am. After a two-hour bus ride we reached our destination: Oxford! The activity leader showed the group all the best places to visit and go in Oxford, for example the museum of the history of science, Christ Church and the Oxford university. In Christ Church, we couldn’t miss the dining room where Harry Potter was filmed! We got loads of free time for shopping too. We got back to Bristol at 6:30 pm.      

Our student ambassador Fanny Zambrano shares her thoughts about Wells, Cheddar & Glastonbury trip!

Fanny Zambrano, our lovely Colombian student ambassador, is studying in an Intermediate class at EC Bristol. Two weeks ago some of the new and old students visited Wells, Cheddar and Glastonbury. Saturday morning was rainy so for a moment in our brains we were wondering if going out was a good idea.  The sky was dark before we got on the bus. We had a marvellous experience because suddenly the weather changed. The day was sunny, we could visit the cathedral in Wells, we were walking around the city and saw some of the typical products that people sell every Saturday in the local market. We also went to Cheddar, a tiny city but a wonderful place.  We went to The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company and we saw the cheese being made and after that we tasted different types. In the late afternoon, we went to Glastonbury and climbed a mountain with a pretty tower called Glastonbury Tor. We saw amazing views. We all spoke in English and finished exhausted but happy because the places are wonderful and each one was unique. Fanny Zambrano

Carolin Bies shares her amazing experience at the Reading Festival 2014!

Carolin is currently working at EC Bristol as an intern. End of August, she went to the Reading Festival 2014 and she would like to share her amazing festival experience. Reading Festival 2014!! =) (22-24th August 2014) It was one of the best festivals I have ever been to so far!! =) I spent an amazing time there! It was so awesome and totally different compared to the festivals I have been before. The organisation was just outstanding and the line-up was incredible! I saw so many bands I haven’t seen before and I really wanted to see!! And the weather was unbelievably good for a festival! It stayed sunny the whole weekend! Only on Monday when me and my friend had to leave Reading to head back to Bristol it rained a lot and we were totally soaked. It was the first time I saw so many people catching the train after a festival =D and I was sad when I had to leave =( It’s really worth it and I will definitely go there again! Go and see it for yourself! Cheers, Carolin =) If you wish to have more information about EC Bristol, please have a look at our website.

EC Bristol bid a fond Farewell to the Omani RAFO Group!

On Friday 5th September,  EC Bristol bid a fond farewell to its group of Omani students from the Omani Royal airforce (RAFO).  The students not only brought in traditional Omani coffee, sweets and biscuits for the students and staff but also created a mini exhibition on Oman. One of the RAFO students, who used to be a state tourist guide, gave an excellent presentation on Oman to the school students and staff, explaining the history, culture and even geography of the country.  We also learned about the Sultan of Oman and his connection to the UK. Check out the photos below: