Vera Lutz expresses her good feeling for EC Bristol!

Vera Lutz (Swiss) was studying in High Intermediate at EC Bristol. She would like to share her testimonial about her fantastic experience in the city of Bristol. EC members of staff would like to thank her very much for that. I chose EC because I heard a lot of good things and I like the city. I learned much here. I could improved my English really wel, I speak it now fluemtly and I love to speak English. I really like EC because all the bteachders are so nice and motivated! The lessons are really different and so funny. The activities are all soooo nice, you can spend time with your friends and Luke, the activity leader, will tell you interesting things. If you have questions or you don’t know what you should do after class, go to the 4th office you will find a really nice man called Jools (Operations Manager at EC Bristol) who will tell you what you can do. Thanks to him, my friends and I tried laser tag. There are a lot of people from everywhere in the world I have now friends from all over the world! EC Bristol is a really nice school if you want to improve your English, you should go there! Thanks for all! I’ll miss Bristol!

100 Miles for our EC Bristol staff!

100 Miles! On Sunday the 28th September 2014, Dan our Director of Studies, Jools our Operations Manager, Caroline one of our teachers at EC Bristol and her friend Paula took part in the Bristol 100 miles charity ride to raise money for the Stroke Association charity and they successfully completed it. The ride started and finished at Blaise castle. The charity campaigns to improve care and support for those people who have suffered strokes. They also give funding to medical research into new treatments and ways to prevent stroke. You can find out more information about the charity here:  

Florent Montocchio shares his thoughts on EC Bristol!

Florent was a student at EC Bristol for a week and he would like to share his feelings about his studying experience at our EC Bristol centre. He comes from Bordeaux (France) and play in a football team as semi-professional. Florent is also currently doing an internship at EC Bristol. I love this school because there is a good atmosphere and good teachers. I especially love the fact that there is a mix of nationalities in the classroom. This school has a good environment to study. Staff were always there to answer to our questions (at Reception and other offices). I loved my week in the school. Thanks for all. Find out more about General English courses in Bristol.

Olivier Siagian’s Q&A on EC Bristol!

Why did you chose EC Bristol? I chose this destination because I heard so many nice things about it. How much did you improve? I improved a lot. What did you like most at EC Bristol? I like the people (teachers as well as students) over here. They are so friendly and funny. I will recommend this school. Where did your new friends come from? My new friends come from Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Turkey, France, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy and Liechtenstein. I’m gonna miss all these guys 😀 I will remember everything.

Joannah would like to speak about her lovely time in Weston-Super-Mare!

I personally love the seaside. I am the biggest fan of walking in the sand, smelling the sea, letting sand trickle through my fingers. So when I came to EC Bristol to start my internship, one thing was sure: I had to visit one of the closest coastal cities as soon as possible! That’s why last Saturday, my lovely intern-colleague Carolin and I took the bus to Weston-super-Mare. After a one and a quarter hour drive the bus stopped right next to the beach and I have to admit: we were as happy as a sandboy! The sun was shining and the seagulls mewed every bit as happily as the kids in the rollercoaster right next to the beach. Very cute fact: on the beach there were super sweet donkeys on which kids could ride on (well, actually I would have loved to do so, too)! Carolin and I couldn’t return to Bristol without having a culinary seafood taste, too. So we bought fish and chips (it tastes so much nicer on the seaside than in the inner land!) and afterwards sat down on the terrace of Dr. Fox’s Tearoom and had some tea and scones. What an amazing place, we highly recommend it. What a day!

Tom Josko would like to speak about his trip to London

I didn’t want to finish my internship at EC Bristol without a trip to London. So I went relatively inexpensively by bus to the English capital: London. Under the typical English weather, I was able to take many photos of the sights. The Big Ben and the Tower Bridge were particularly impressive. Unfortunately the time was to short to see the entire city but I had loads of fun! =)    

Cintia shares her internship experience at EC Bristol!

Hi my name is Cintia. I´m 20 years old and I live in Germany. I was an intern at EC Bristol for 5 weeks and I spent my best summer for a long time! I made new friends, had the best colleagues ever and saw different sides of England. Fortunately I got the chance to made this unforgettable experience! I experienced the amazing balloon fiesta and the harbour festival with my new friends. What a fantastic fireworks! I learnt a lot about the language and the English culture. It was a pleasure for me to talk with people from other continents. Through my work at reception I got the chance to improve my English and did office work coincident. I absolutely recommend an internship abroad and the best address is EC Bristol! Jools, Stella, Ilaria, Carolin, Tony, Sara, Ana, Sarah, Claire and Dan thank you for this amazing time in Bristol!! I will never forget you! Last but not least. If you get the opportunity to stay in an host family, do it! My hostfamily cooked the best English food ever 😉 I will come back next year! Best wishes, Cintia EC Bristol offers many option of English courses, including IELTS exam preparation.