Cristmas Crackers at EC Bristol!

Last week for Christmas our EC Bristol students tried one of the best British Christmas traditions: crackers! Christmas cracker definition: A cracker consists of a cardboard tube wrapped in a brightly decorated twist of paper, making it resemble an oversized sweet-wrapper. The cracker is pulled by two people, often with arms crossed. They usually contain a coloured paper hat; a small toy and a motto or a joke. Watch the video:

Theresa Yolanda Chance’s Q&A on EC Bristol school!

Theresa Yolanda Chance lives in the lovely Caribbean island of Saint Martin and is a student at EC Bristol. She is currently studying in an Intermediate class. I have chosen this destination because I always wanted to visit London and Bristol is very close to the capital. England is a beautiful country. I learned lots of grammar and vocabulary and improved. I liked working in pairs. I will definitely recommend EC school to a friend. My new friends come from Korea, Libya, Turkey, Colombia and Italy. I will definitely remember how nice the teachers were, how cold the country is and how many nice friends I’ve met. For more information about our English courses in Bristol, please click on the link provided.

Bruce Ulrich Vincent shares his feelings about EC Bristol!

Bruce Ulrich Vincent comes from the beautiful island of Guadeloupe. And the EC Bristol team is happy to have him as one of their students. Bruce is currently studying in Pre Intermediate class, one of the English courses in Bristol offered by EC. Why did you choose this destination? Because I wanted to discover England. What did you learm? I learnt how to communicate in English and express myself. What was your favourite EC Bristol activity? My favourite EC activity is going to school together and playing football. What did you like most about the school/lessons? I like how the teachers teach. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Yes I recommend EC to all people who want to learn how to speak English. What did you like most about the social leader? The social leader was very nice to us and he wants to help you out. What will you remember from your stay? I will remember a lot. Really, thanks!  

JJ shares his feelings about EC Bristol!

JJ or better known as Juan Jose Aparicio Franco would like to share his opinion on EC Bristol. He was following a General English course. I was in EC Bristol for a month and a half. Not a long time but full of experiences anyway. You’re always supported with your problems or doubts, being surrounded by friendly staff and teachers. I was expecting something absolutely different, but I am completely pleased with my improvement. The way they teach, the different options you have, having a lot of different teachers: everything was perfect. I wish I could stay longer and I recommend the school to anyone who wants to improve their language skills. I’ll  miss everyone and everything.

150th Anniversary of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol!

On Sunday 7th December our EC Bristol students and activity leader headed to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol for a spectacular fireworks display. The display was the result of six months of planning by the Bridge Trust and the City Council, and was designed to mark the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The bridge was first opened for the public at 7AM on the 8th December 1864, and was designed in 1831 by the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel died 5 years before the bridge construction was finished, and the work was completed to act as a monument to all of his great achievements in the city of Bristol. Today the 412 metre long 75 metre high bridge attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year, making it the number one landmark in the city. The fireworks were certainly spectacular, and included a number of Bristol based bands during the 15 minute display, including Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”. Many of the local main roads were closed for some hours before and after the event, and it is estimated that over 150000 people (over 1/4 of the cities population) went to Clifton, or the Cumberland basin to watch the awesome pyrotechnic display!   Read more about the 150th Anniversary of the Clifton Suspension Bridge here:

EC Bristol Christmas Show 2014!

Last Friday, our fantastic students performed a spectacular show. All the EC Bristol members of staff and students had a wonderful time. We would like to thank the teachers Fabiola and Leanne in particular who organised this awesome event. Watch the video below recorded at EC Bristol: If you would like to know more about English Courses in Bristol, please go to the link provided:

Activity of the day: Graffiti walk and a hot drink in Southville!

Today we went to explore North Street in Southville, Bristol. We saw quite a few pieces of graffiti and then stopped for a well deserved hot chocolate in the Tobacco Factory theatre cafe. There are lots of lovely restaurants, cafes and bars along this road. You can go walking or take the bus 24. It’s also a stone’s throw from Greville Smyth park and Ashton court if you fancy a winter walk.   Fancy studying English abroad? Why don’t you come to Bristol and visit our fantastic school:

Workshop from our Low Intermediate students!

As a class, the EC Bristol students in Low Intermediate 2: Kelsio, Amira, Lucia, Ignacio and Nilton created their ideal friend from their own ideas and combined these elements in one person. Then they thought about how it would be 10 years later. In groups they then created tragic biographies about this person’s life. Story 1 I used to have the perfect friend. I met her in high school, we became friends because she was funny and she was a good listener. We enjoyed eating chocolate together and went running at the weekend. We travelled to Spain and Portugal on holiday. She used to listen to rock and roll. She lived in Libya and she liked going to the seaside. She had a bike but she didn’t like going to mountains with it. She finished her studies at Libya University. After she wanted to travel around Europe. The first stop was in Italy. She met a Turkish man in Italy and she fell in love with him and she got pregnant. When her parents knew what had happened they didn’t believe it. Then she decided to go with him to Turkey and four months later they got married. They had a beautiful honeymoon because they travelled to the Dominican Republic. Then the three babies were born in Turkey. They were very happy. One year later her husband found a great job. They decided to go on holiday to Morocco and Angola. In Angola they met a boy whose name was Kelsio. Kelsio was an important businessman who had a lot of companies in Africa and her husband became a business partner and they decided to open a branch in Turkey. At the same moment they received the news that she was pregnant again. She didn’t want to have more children … Read more

Watch our EC Bristol students Ice Skating!

Our EC Bristol students went ice skating in Millenium Square and for some of them it was their first time! Watch the awesome video below: Wow what a great time! Would you like to study English and also have a fun time abroad? Check out the English Courses in Bristol!