Nina Sainsily shares her testimonial about EC Bristol School!

Nina Sainsily was a student at EC Bristol and was studying in a General English class. She came straight from Guadeloupe. Nina would like to share her thoughts about EC Bristol. Good school, modern and many interesting activities. Very good teachers, very enjoying classes. I didn’t really learn anything new but it was a big review of English classes I had at school ten years ago. I’d been learning English at school for nine years, it was so good to see all the grammar and stuff again. Apart from the classes I really enjoy the fact that everybody comes from different countries; from the students to the social leaders. If I had to do it again, I would. And I will recommend EC School for sure.

A warm welcome to two fantastic groups of students!

EC Bristol Language Institute is proud to currently have two AWESOME groups of students. We currently have a closed group of Panamanian students. They are really lovely and super friendly! They will stay studying in one of our English courses in Bristol for a month so let’s give them a warm welcome 😀 And we also have another bubbly group that comes straight from the Caribbean sea! They come from Guadeloupe and Saint Martin Island where the sun shines and the sea is crystal blue.

Markus Schaerer shares his thoughts on EC Bristol!

Markus Schaerer, 28 years old, Swiss, studies at EC Bristol in High Intermediate class. I chose Bristol because it is very near to Switzerland. The teachers are very friendly and funny and it is very easy to improve your English with them. I would of course recommend EC English Courses in Bristol to my friends. The staff are very friendly and the school and facilities are very modern. The staff always try to help you if you have a problem or need more information. My favourite activity was playing mini golf. It was enjoyable and a good way to meet new friends.

Lea Roder shares her good feelings about EC Bristol!

Lea Roder, 19 years old, Swiss student at EC Bristol. She is currently studying in the advanced Cambridge Exam class preparation and would like to share her views about EC English Courses in Bristol. I chose Bristol because I came here on a school trip and wanted to discover more about the city. I’ve learnt lots since I’ve been here and I’ve improved a lot. I was planning to take the FCE exam at the end of my course but now I’m studying to take the CAE (advanced exam). I am enjoying my course and I really like the afternoon lessons at EC Bristol because they are more practical and I can practice my speaking and listening. As for activities, I really enjoyed the guided tour of Bath and the EC activity leader gave us lots of information about the city. I really like the accommodation. The room is big and I have everything I need. The residence building is really cool and unusual (being in a converted cathedral). I’d recommend EC English Courses in Bristol to my friends as I like the teachers and lessons and the school is well situated in the centre of the city. All the staff at the school are lovely and very helpful. I’ve made friends from Spain, Turkey as well as some from my home country and I really like the new experience of living in the UK and experiencing the different culture.