Our Panamanian students speaks about EC Bristol!

Valeria, Paola and Andrea were studying English at EC Bristol a month ago and they would like to express their feelings about the school. Read below their three testimonials! Valeria Mercedes Gonzalez Montenegro I chose Bristol because it is on the other side of the universe. I have learned that I have been saying chocolate wrong all my life and all about that crazy little thing called ‘Pronunciation’. The activities were fun. I enjoyed them. The lessons were cool, they were very different than in Panama. It’s a unique experience and I would recommend it.   Paola Del Carmen Barnett Leon Why did you choose this destination? Because I want to visit England and learn more English. What did you learn? Pronunciation and the differences between American English and British English. How much did you improve? Lots, really. What was your favourite EC activity? The aquarium, because I like the fish. What did you like most about the school/lessons? The teachers. What did you like most about your accommodation? I love my host family. All the people are great. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Yes. Where did your new friends come from? France, Nepal, Panama and Colombia. Will you remember your stay? Yes, because I really enjoyed it.   Andrea Isabel Atencio Herrera I chose Bristol because it has many interesting places. I improved my pronunciation a lot and also my grammar. I loved going to @Bristol (Science Museum and Planetarium). I really loved my teachers, especially Shelly. Overall I loved my experience here in Bristol. Jools (Operations Manager at EC Bristol) is awesome! If you wish to get more information about IELTS course in Bristol, please click on the provided link.

EC Bristol introduces our two new interns!

We would like to give a warm welcome to our two new interns Lisa and Cindy who will be joining our team for a period of 3/4 months at EC Bristol. Here is a mini introduction of both of them. Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m 22 years old and I’m studying Commercial Economics. I’m also a big fan of Game of Thrones. For the next 20 weeks, I’ll be doing an internship at EC Bristol. (You can see me on the right side of the picture) Hi, I’m Cindy. I’m 33 years old and I love travelling & meeting people from all over the world. (You can see me on the left side of the picture)    

Bake Sale for St Valentine’s Day at EC Bristol!

Last Friday, we organised a bake sale as a Pre Valentine’s Day to raise money for charity. Our teacher Rhian, our students ambassadors (Carolina and Marcyluna) and their friends baked loads of delicious cakes. At break time, students and staff members rushed to the lounge room to buy a cake. The fantastic news is that we raised a total amount of £70.41 for the Breast Cancer Charity. We would like to thank all the people (EC Bristol students, teachers and members of staff) who participated in this event!     On that day, we also distributed love letters that were inserted into our secret love letters boxes 😀        

Jean Louis Antinori Rios from Panama shares his experience at EC Bristol!

Jean Louis, 13 years old, was studying at EC Bristol in a Closed group of its peers. He came here to study for a month and experience the British life. Why did you choose this destination? It was the only destination I could choose, plus, I want to master my English. What did you learn? Better grammar and different words that I didn’t know the definition or pronunciation of. How much did you improve? I’d say that if it was new, a lot, but since I already knew English it was really good. What was your favourite EC activity? Why? There’s a lot of activities that were exceptionally good but…, I would say the Paris trip because it is a great city. What did you like most about the school/lessons? The teachers, Shelly and Ellie were the best English teachers I will ever have. I’ll miss them. What did you like most about your accommodation? The owner of the house. Would you recommend EC to a friend? A friend recommended it to me, so I guess I’d do the same. Where did your new friends come from? Mostly Panama, some France and all of the British EC staff! What did you like most about the social leaders? They’re really fun to be with. What will you remember from your stay? Everything.

EC Bristol speaks about the special atmospheric effect surrounding Pero’s bridge!

Bristol is holding a special festival this month (IBT15) to celebrate Bristol’s status as European Green Capital. The city of Bristol has not only been voted the best city to live in the UK but has also obtained the status of European Green Capital. The artist Fujiko Nakaya submerged Pero’s bridge, situated close to EC Bristol school, under a cloud of fog. Fujiko’s clouds are created by water pumped at high pressure. Nakaya is highlighting the issue of climate change. How might a changing climate disrupt our lives? Bristol International Festival 2015: http://ibt15.co.uk/fog-bridge/