Rodrigo Souza De Amorim tell us about his English homestay!

When I decided to come to EC Bristol to improve my English, I was in doubt about where I would live during my course: “In a student house, where I could have more privacy, or in a home stay, where I believed I could improve my English further”. I’m in homestay with a lovely couple and Billie Jo, their dog. Every day, when I come back to home, we have pleasurable conversations, watch TV together and play with Billie Jo. Sometimes, we play music together, because I play acoustic guitar, Rich plays drums and Paula plays electric piano. We have a band at home, it´s really nice. One Sunday, I learned to prepare and cook the famous English Sunday Roast Dinner, and it was delicious. Also, I had opportunity to go to Cheddar one Saturday, with Rich and his friend Stu, to see the stunning landscape from the top of Cheddar Gorge. I’ve been here about five weeks and my experience has been fantastic. Now I can tell you, without shadow of doubt, that I made the best decision. Find put more about learning English while on a homestay in Bristol.

Speak English at EC Bristol; make a new buddy!

Last week, lots of students filled in Buddy Request Forms. This form is a new creative idea from our EC Bristol Academic Year Coordinator, Claire Fordyce, which gives the student the opportunity to meet a new friend with whom they can practice speaking in English. Claire started to develop that idea last week and has been busy pairing up students. She will reveal the results next Tuesday (24th March)! On that day, the students will be able to meet their buddy and arrange their first meeting! Find out more about English courses in Bristol.

Read an English imaginative short story written by our fantastic students!

This is an imaginative short story produced in the Write Now Intensive English class at EC Bristol by Nicolas from Switzerland and Kate Eunkyo from Korea.     A story about an animal which is a hermaphrodite that lived on the moon. Phrodita was not really brilliant, but rich. For this reason, Phrodita had a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends. One day, Phrodita was flying around the moon and saw a monster named MonsterMoon. It was the first time that Phrodita had seen Monstermoon, but he was not afraid. The problem was that Phrodita was in love with Monstermoon’s girlfriend, so Monstermoon wanted to kill him. They began to fight, but Monstermoon was so strong.  However, Phrodita had the solution. Monstermoon was allergic to fire, and Phrodita could make fire shoot from his hands. Finally, Phrodita decided to kill him with fire and won the fight. Fortunately, on his way back, he met Monstermoon’s girlfriend and made wonderful space love. The new monster baby was born. Would you like to study and improve your English abroad? Find out more on our website about our English courses in Bristol.

Our new French intern Clarisse introduces herself!

A warm welcome to our new intern Clarisse. She comes straight from a city called Reims in France and she will be joining us for 5 months. She is a very lovely and smiley person. Please read below to get to know her. Hello, I’m Clarisse 😀 I am 24. I am really happy to do an internship at EC Bristol and to improve my English at the same time. I love sport in particular roller skating with my friends and cooking!

Mohamed Esbaiga speaks about his time in Bristol!

Mohamed Ramadan Esbaiga came straight from Libya to improve his English at EC Bristol. On his arrival he was placed in a Beginner class and by the end of his stay he was studying at Pre Intermediate. Please read below his testimonial about his great time in EC Bristol. I’m Mohamed Ramadan Esbaiga. I was studying English at EC Bristol. EC school benefited me greatly and improved my language. I got to know friends from all countries and different traditions and customs. It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. The city of Bristol is beautiful and wonderful. The population is very friendly and smiling.

Watch Vincent’s testimonial about his time in EC Bristol!

Vincent Frizot, French speaker, was following English courses at EC Bristol. On arrival Vincent was placed in an Intermediate class and by the end of his stay (18 weeks later) he was studying at Avanced. Please watch Vincent’s video testimonial! If you would like to join our English courses, please click out our Bristol English Courses Price List.  

Our Japanese student Koki shares his testimonial!

Koki Misawa, who was studying English courses at EC Bristol, would like to share his views on the school and the city of Bristol. Koki came straight from Japan to study English in the UK. Please watch below his video testimonial. We would like to thank him loads for this fab interview and for being a fantastic student. Are you also interested in studying English abroad? Why don’t you have a look at our EC Bristol’s website?

Paolo Arauz shares his studying experience at EC Bristol!

Paolo Emilio Regno Arauz was a student at EC Bristol. He has now left Bristol and is back to his lovely country: Panama. He would like to share with us his views on his English courses in Bristol. Please read below his Q&A’s.   Why did you choose this destination?  I chose EC Bristol because my mother sent me there, Bristol was my first chance to know Europe. What did you learn? Reviewed and improved my English while in EC. How much did you improve? A lot on grammar, and pronunciation. I liked the dynamic English lessons and activities, they raise your interest in class. What was your favourite EC activity? I loved the trips, mainly those to bath and Cheddar Gorge. What did you like most about the school/lessons? They were (the school lessons) well prepared and worth it. Would you recommend EC to a friend? If they have the money, yes. What did you like most about the social leaders? I liked their willingness to answer questions, and their nice mood. What will you remember from your stay? I think I will remember everything. ================================ Find out more studying English in Bristol.