Read an English imaginative short story written by our fantastic students!

This is an imaginative short story produced in the Write Now Intensive English class at EC Bristol by Nicolas from Switzerland and Kate Eunkyo from Korea.




A story about an animal which is a hermaphrodite that lived on the moon.

Phrodita was not really brilliant, but rich. For this reason, Phrodita had a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends.
One day, Phrodita was flying around the moon and saw a monster named MonsterMoon. It was the first time that Phrodita had seen Monstermoon, but he was not afraid. The problem was that Phrodita was in love with Monstermoon’s girlfriend, so Monstermoon wanted to kill him. They began to fight, but Monstermoon was so strong.  However, Phrodita had the solution. Monstermoon was allergic to fire, and Phrodita could make fire shoot from his hands.
Finally, Phrodita decided to kill him with fire and won the fight. Fortunately, on his way back, he met Monstermoon’s girlfriend and made wonderful space love. The new monster baby was born.

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