‘Getting up with Games of Thrones!’ writes Lisa

Contains spoilers for seasons 1 till 4 and swearing words. It has been ten months when season four ended. That is quite a while. And now season five has started, a lot of you will find themselves in a position of…Who is that? What happened? How did he came there? So let’s put everything togeth … Read more

Marco Trevisani replies at our EC’s Q&A!

Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because it’s a nice city and it isn’t very big. It’s a good city to live in. How much did you improve? I improved much more because I was speaking in English all the time at EC Bristol. What did you like most about the lessons? I … Read more

A weekend in Bristol with Lisa!

A weekend in Bristol There is a lot of things you can do during a weekend in Bristol. This weekend I started with a Pub tour. Close to queen square are a lot of interesting pubs. A pub tour is also a good way to try new drinks, like Otter Ale or Old Bristol Cider. Both recommended. The downside of i … Read more