‘Getting up with Games of Thrones!’ writes Lisa

Contains spoilers for seasons 1 till 4 and swearing words. It has been ten months when season four ended. That is quite a while. And now season five has started, a lot of you will find themselves in a position of…Who is that? What happened? How did he came there? So let’s put everything together. Season four has ended with Arya on a ship to Bravos. Across the Narrow sea, out of reach from the Iron throne. How did Arya get on that ship? With an iron coin she got from her faceless assassin friend who she met while heading for the wall, which she never reached. Instead she had been on a road trip for three seasons. Don’t forget publics favourite: Tyrion Lannister. Accused of killing King Justin Bieber at the beginning of season four. He got captured, while his wife Sasa Stark escaped. After some form of trial he demanded trial by combat. Oberyn Martell, that Doornish guy with that cute accent, lost the combat. Tyrion was found guilty. He got freed by his brother Jaimie, that guy who fucks his sister, and shipped away with Varys, the sneaky bold guy. But before that, he killed Tywin Lannister, that grumpy old dad, and Shea, his hooker girlfriend. Cercei was in most of the season four just busy with trying to get Tyrion killed and being a bitch. But now her father is dead, she will rule for Tommen, her son who is about to marry Margery Tyrell. This Tyrell family is still trying to climb the ladder. Sansa got away thanks to Petyr Bealish, the sneaky guy with hair and a brothel. He took care of her and married her aunt. Petyr pushed Aunt Lysa Arryn, that crazy women in the vales with a kid of twelve still on … Read more

Marco Trevisani replies at our EC’s Q&A!

Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because it’s a nice city and it isn’t very big. It’s a good city to live in. How much did you improve? I improved much more because I was speaking in English all the time at EC Bristol. What did you like most about the lessons? I like the teachers of the school, they are always available to help you out! Would you recommend EC to a friend? Yes I will recommend it to my friends. Where did your new friends come from? My new friends come from Spain and Germany. What will you remember from your stay? I will remember a beautiful experience. If you wish to learn English at EC Bristol, check out our English courses in Bristol.

‘Thank you all for being so helpful and efficient’ says the Braschi Group

EC Bristol had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful group of Italian students. Maria Grazia Spila, the teacher and group leader of the Italian students, says: ‘ We all had a great time in Bristol. My students loved everything here: their teachers, their homestay families, the trips to Bath and London, the atmosphere and the kindness of all the people they met.’ Maria Grazia also added ‘Thank you all for being so helpful and efficient.’ If you wish to bring a group of students to learn English at EC Bristol, do not hesitate to send an email to bristol@ecenglish.com.

‘It was a funny and friendly bike ride’ say Svenja and Maria!

For us, the bike ride was really good. Firstly because the teacher Luke asked us what we would prefer to do, to continue the agreed loop or to go to another place, to take a cold drink and so on….so we really had a personal bike tour. We rode along the Harbourside and went to Ashton Court which is a beautiful park and is very green. We then went to Clifton Suspension Bridge where we took a lot of nice pictures. Finally, we came back to the city centre where we stopped to have a cider. During the bike tour, we asked Luke for some places to visit in Bristol and, at the end of the day, he showed us these fantastic places. He also brought us back to the place where we hired the bikes. Definitely, it was a funny and friendly tour that we would repeat, of course!!! Svenja and María For more information about our English courses, please go to the following website.

‘There is a vibrant and great vibe in Bristol’ says Masa!

Masanobu Hotta, Japanese student, was studying English courses at EC Bristol. Read his testimonial below. I have been studying on a General English at EC Bristol for two months. I really enjoyed studying with many students from all over the world in such a friendly atmosphere. It was not a long time but during these two months I improved my English a lot. EC Bristol teaches many different levels so my class was very suitable for me and I found out my weak points in English and improved. Bristol is a small city located on a harbour. There is a vibrant and great vibe in Bristol, different from London or Oxford where there are many Japanese students. All the sightseeing spots and shops that I need, are in the heart of the town. Therefore, I could visit all of them on foot. Also the living cost is cheaper than in London. It was one of the reasons I chose to study at EC Bristol. I would recommend EC Bristol to all levels of students and especially beginners who wants to improve their English in a great way!  

A weekend in Bristol with Lisa!

A weekend in Bristol There is a lot of things you can do during a weekend in Bristol. This weekend I started with a Pub tour. Close to queen square are a lot of interesting pubs. A pub tour is also a good way to try new drinks, like Otter Ale or Old Bristol Cider. Both recommended. The downside of it; you don’t have a lot of time. Pubs usually close at 11pm. The good thing about an early closing time of pubs; there is no problem in getting up on time the next morning. Enough time to watch television, read a book and so on. No. There are more things to do than just hanging around, especially when you just bought a bike the day before.  However, safety first. As a Dutch person I grew up on a bike, but certainly not on a mountain (okay…Hill. But when everything is flat in your country, you consider a pile of sand as a mountain already).  Time for a helmet! To race down mountains, hills, whatever, safely.  I bought a red one. (Yes. That is all the knowledge I have about helmets.) I hang around in the shopping centre a bit longer to buy a new bag. When I did so, I met a new friend. Dude, the owl. Everytime it surprises me how big Owls in real life can be. After I stepped on my bike and went to Brandon Hill park. Brandon Hill park is where Cabot tower is. Certainly worth it to take a look.  After I went with high speed, down the hill, I went back to the shopping centre again, to buy some lights for the bike. Sunday in the afternoon I took my bike out of the garage again and started cycling to just a direction. I am convinced that that … Read more

Jaewook Lee shares his feelings about EC Bristol!

Jaewook Lee comes straight from Korea and studies at EC Bristol. He would like to share his feelings about his English courses in Bristol. I will never forget the first day of EC Bristol school. I had never gone abroad before I came here so everything was new. My host family was very kind and friendly so I could settle in easily. Actually, I couldn’t find the school’s entrance, although I arrived in front of the school. After having an exam, I joined a low level class. My English was terribly awful but now I’ve been here almost six months and I think I’m better than before. All teachers are very helpful, friendly and supportive. Also, the class atmosphere is really lively. I think the class contents are very rational as well. The teachers always check me about everything and take care of me. I think that’s why I could improve my English. Anyway, I like EC school and I will never regret choosing this school.