Jaewook Lee shares his feelings about EC Bristol!

Jaewook Lee comes straight from Korea and studies at EC Bristol. He would like to share his feelings about his English courses in Bristol.


I will never forget the first day of EC Bristol school. I had never gone abroad before I came here so everything was new. My host family was very kind and friendly so I could settle in easily. Actually, I couldn’t find the school’s entrance, although I arrived in front of the school. After having an exam, I joined a low level class. My English was terribly awful but now I’ve been here almost six months and I think I’m better than before. All teachers are very helpful, friendly and supportive. Also, the class atmosphere is really lively. I think the class contents are very rational as well. The teachers always check me about everything and take care of me. I think that’s why I could improve my English.

Anyway, I like EC school and I will never regret choosing this school.