Cooking with Lisa!

Sometimes when you are abroad, you would like to try as many things as possible of the new country. So you go and explore! But sometimes you are homesick. And what reminds you most of home? Food! Take a bite. Close your eyes. And it is as if you were home. So, let’s write about a Dutch recipe. My fa … Read more

Valeria shares her feelings about EC Bristol!

Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because I have an English cousin who is going at UWE University. I decided to start my English course in EC and I’m really happy of my choice. The team is friendly, lovely and competent. How much did you improve? I made a big improvement. I starte … Read more

Yujin writes about doing Yoga at EC Bristol!

“I am so happy to find yoga class in EC. Katerina is such a great teacher bringing fun, humour and passion. And after class I can feel relaxed in my body and mind. She always considers new students who learn yoga first and plans various level yoga postures in order to follow every students. I think … Read more