‘Four weeks in Bristol’ – a résumé by Svenja Breuer

First of all, these four weeks were an unforgettable experience, which I recommend to everybody, who is interested in improving his/her English, getting to know another country and making new friends from all over the world. One reason for choosing EC Bristol was the price but another and more important reason was the possibility to make a work and business course. I think this is a good way to get to know important and helpful work-vocabulary.The topics were: meetings, holding a presentation, business lunch and so forth. Moreover all in all the teachers and the staff were nice and helpful. You have also the possibility to join a lot of activities after school like academic lectures, pronunciation class, Yoga, trips to Cheddar, Wells and Glastonbury and so on. Another point to consider is that Bristol is a young, lively city, with a lot of things to do. The only negative point to mention is the bad bus system. Finally I’m glad about going on this journey! Would you like to learn English in Bristol?  Find out more about English courses in Bristol.

Lisa tells about her trip to Glastonbury, Cheddar & Wells!

Saturday morning I stood at quarter past nine in front of the Hippodrome, ready to join a trip organised by EC Bristol school. When everyone was loaded in the coach, it was time to start the journey to Cheddar, Wells and Glastonbury. Somewhere I felt the urge to start singing school trip songs. However, as I didn’t know any songs in English and I would have been lonely to sing the dutch versions, I just remained quiet. The first stop was Cheddar. Before I went, I only thought that it sounds like cheese and it really was. As it is the birth place of the Cheddar cheese. We came there a bit behind of schedule as we rode into the first roadblock on our way there. However, when we arrived we went first to the cheese museum, with a short film about making cheese and we learned what cheddering was. At twelve we were back in the bus with probably more pieces of cheese than people. On our way to…. No, not Wells. The trip locations were swapped because of the weather forecast. So, we went on to Glastonbury. After another roadblock, we arrived into the hippie capital of the world. It has something to do with energy fields or something. So we walked passed a lot of places where Diagon Alley would be jealous off. We sat down in a coffee shop and ate some lunch (it was a good chicken burger with two pieces of chicken!), before we almost literally run back to the bus not to miss it. On our way to the hill, as well known as the Isle of Avalon, we passed our third roadblock. We turned around and came across the place where we just were and started walked up the hill. We hiked upon it. We climbed … Read more

Cooking with Lisa!

Sometimes when you are abroad, you would like to try as many things as possible of the new country. So you go and explore! But sometimes you are homesick. And what reminds you most of home? Food! Take a bite. Close your eyes. And it is as if you were home. So, let’s write about a Dutch recipe. My father loves this recipe and he cooks it at least once a fortnight in Autumn and Winter. So, definitely, this will remind me of home. As I already mentioned, this is a recipe mostly cooked during Autumn and Winter’s periods. However, as the weather is not that good these weeks, and a lot of you come from warmer countries, this will warm you up. So I give it a shot! Hutspot  (Also ideal for people who can’t cook) You need (for 2 people): 3 Carrots, 2 big potatoes, 1 onion, Gravy Meat (and what it takes to prepare it) First, you need to peel and cut the potatoes in small pieces. After washing them, clean the carrots and cut them in even smaller pieces. Put them all together in a saucepan with boiling water and place them on the stove. While you are waiting that the potatoes and carrots are being cooked, cut the onions in small pieces and put them with the potatoes and carrots. Then let everything cook for 20 minutes.   As it is cooking, wonder about what kind of meat you want with it and prepare that. Everything you can find is allowed. As long as you hold on to the simplicity of the recipe. So, choose something that is easy to prepare. Make homemade gravy while preparing the meat. It’s tastier! If not, use a gravy package to make it. The serving is more important to make it Dutch. After that the potatoes, carrots, and onions have … Read more

Valeria shares her feelings about EC Bristol!

Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because I have an English cousin who is going at UWE University. I decided to start my English course in EC and I’m really happy of my choice. The team is friendly, lovely and competent. How much did you improve? I made a big improvement. I started in Pre-Intermediate class and I finished, after 3 months, in Upper-Intermediate. What will you remember from your stay? I have met a lot of new amazing friends and I will remember each of them. Learn English in Bristol with EC!

‘These two months have been the most memorable experience of our lives’ write Marco & Eva

Why did you choose this destination? We decided to come to Bristol after talking with our friends who went to EC Bristol school last year. They told us only good things about their experience and we have to say that it was the same for us. What did you learn? Every day we learned something new, enjoying lessons with amazing teachers and going out with our new friends who we met at the school. What was your favourite EC activity? Why? We discovered a lot of different things, speaking with people who came from all over the world. We met people from Korea, France, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Libya, Turkey. So exciting! We also enjoyed doing other activities available in the school, like lecture class or pronunciation class, very useful! What did you like about your accommodation? We lived in two different homestays and they were both very friendly, nice and lovely. These two months have been the most memorable experience of our lives. ‘Have you ever been in Bristol? Have you ever studied in EC Bristol school? If the answer is no, you have to come and do this experience, now!”   Find out more about learning English in Bristol with EC   

Yujin writes about doing Yoga at EC Bristol!

“I am so happy to find yoga class in EC. Katerina is such a great teacher bringing fun, humour and passion. And after class I can feel relaxed in my body and mind. She always considers new students who learn yoga first and plans various level yoga postures in order to follow every students. I think it is very good way to keep healthy, positive mind and make friends. Thank you so much!”   Do you need to improve your English? Would you like to make new friends? EC offers various English courses in Bristol: from General English to Exam Preparation courses. Check out this EC Bristol video on YouTube.