Short story: ‘I’m not Santiago!’

Alex, Ziyad and Marta, student from our EC Bristol’s English Grammar class, have written a short story about a Colombian student. There was a lonely boy who had been named Sebastian. He had looked for a new name. He had been asking people for ideas and the result was Santiago. After a few week … Read more

Julio expresses his feelings about EC Bristol!

Firstly, I would like to say that there are two kinds of people who live in Bristol; one of them is people who live in Bristol and the other is people who are Bristolian at heart. I mean, if you are a person who lives in Bristol, like me, you must be open-minded, friendly and enjoy spending time wit … Read more

‘I made many friends’ says Lei Wu

Studying English at EC was a good choice for me. As I compare my English as it is now to before I came to the UK, it has improved dramatically. When I was in Japan, I only knew English grammar and easy vocabulary. After my first exam, I recognized that my English was terribly limited. However, my te … Read more

Romain speaks about his time at EC Bristol!

I have chosen Bristol because Boa Lingua advised me to, and London is overcrowded for me. I received a warm welcome when I arrived. Every teachers, staff members and students put themselves at your disposal if you need some help. They all want to see you smile. The lessons are focused on speaking an … Read more

‘I love EC School!’ writes Rebecca Duma

This is my second time in Bristol! I love this city very much because it isn’t too big and for this reason I chose this destination. I stay in Bristol for two weeks and I chose to stay in a homestay because I think that’s better to improve the language and you can also see the English life! My famil … Read more

Gabriela Montero replies to our Qs & As!

1- Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because is a Multicultural city and a good place to live and learn English . 2- What did you learn? I’ve learned a lot of things from the British people and about their culture. 3- How much did you improve? I think my English level has im … Read more

Summer Boat Party with EC Bristol!

Not long ago EC Bristol organised a summer boat party on the river Avon. All the students played some music and danced. They also enjoyed a nice round trip on the boat.   It was a fun afternoon!       EC Bristol is a language school which runs English courses but also organises activities for studen … Read more

Christopher shares his experience in Bristol!

Hi there, I’m Chris! That’s the first thing I’ve been saying to complete strangers I’ve been meeting during the week here at EC Bristol. Now after one week many of those people have familiar faces, some of them have even become my friends, YAY! Now, about the city… It’s just great! So many things to … Read more